Looking at pictures takes you to the sweet memories of the past. It’s amazing to capture a certain experience which you know you will never come back again. Though pictures seem to be a simple object right now, it is actually more sentimental than we think it to be. The fact that it captures a moment makes it very special.

Viewing the pictures over and over again makes you feel nostalgic. The best way to look at pictures that are stored in your computer is through the Windows Photo Viewer. The easy navigation of the application makes you think of nothing else but the memories that are shown to you at hand. The pictures serve to be a good experience once again.

How will you view a picture through the Windows Photo Viewer? It is actually easier than you expected. The first thing to do is to find the location of the pictures you want to view. Click the picture that you want to see. The picture will automatically be viewed using the Windows Photo Viewer. If you would want to see other photos in the said location, all you have to do is to click the previous and next. This would navigate you to the different photos in the folder you are viewing.

You should also be familiarized with the buttons used in the Windows Photo Viewer so as to use the application at its best. There are buttons to rotate the photo and the icons of these are arrows in a circular form pointing to the opposite direction. Another tool that you could make use of is the magnifier. This is the same with zoom in some applications. You could also view the picture in different ways. There is an actual size and another size which fits the window. The former is actually the original size of the photo while the latter would mean that the picture will fully cover the entire WindowsPhoto Viewer. You may also view the pictures using the Play Slide Show button and after you are done, you could simply click exit.

There are varieties of ways where you can make use of your pictures. You could print it out to have an output copy, burn the pictures to a CD or DVD for additional backup storage or share the pictures through email of social media networking site.

Printing a picture is so easy that it could just a composed of a single click. This is especially true if you are using WindowsPhoto Viewer. You can use your own printer in printing the photos just make sure that you have enough ink and that you are using a photo paper. Burning files could also be done using the Windows Photo Viewer. You just have to click the Burn located on the toolbar then click the Data Disc to customize and change certain information and options.

If you do not want to do any of the mentioned two, you could simply share your picture via email or networking sites. You just have to attach the photo in your email or browse the photo from your folder to post it in your account in a social media networking site.