iPod Linux is an open source Linux distribution project that has been specifically designed for running on Apple Inc’s iPod. It consists of a variety of features like an iPod like user interface, support for AAC, MP3, games, video playback and the ability to run many emulators. The application in question presently works on the iPod Touch, across all iPod generations and on any of the iPod shuffles. The article explains how you can view images on your iPod using iPod Linux.

Instructions to view photos in iPod Linux

Step 1: To begin with, you would need to download iPod Linux from any known website for this purpose. After that, the iPod Linux has to be installed on to the iPod. For this, you would have to set up your iPod for disc use and then create a folder on your iPod. Then give it a particular name; like ‘Photos’, for instance.

Step 2: Now you would need to download the Easy Graphic Converter from the etrusoft.com website. Once the application is downloaded on the computer, you can save it on your hard drive.

Step 3: Now open the Easy Graphic Converter and use Windows Explorer for locating the photos you would like to see on your iPod. Thereafter add the files to the Easy Graphic Converter list; it can be done by dragging and dropping the files.

Step 4: Once it is done, click on the ‘Settings’ button and then set the ‘Output’ format to a JPEG format. ‘Bits per Pixel’ needs to be set to 24 and the quality to 75. Then click on the ‘Best fit’ button, change the height to 128 and change the width to 60. Set the output directory to the ‘Photos’ directory on the iPod and delete the File name suffix; click on the OK button once the step is completed.

Step 5: To convert your files, click on the ‘Start’ button and select ‘Yes’ after you are faced with the option of saving a report. Then save the file in the Notes folder of your iPod. Then after closing the Easy Graphic Converter, you need to eject the iPod and boot it up into iPod Linux.

Step 6: Now select the ‘File Browser’ option and click on the ‘Select’ button. After choosing the ‘hp’ option, click on the ‘Select’ button and then choose ‘Photos’. Click on ‘Select’ and you would be able to access your photos. Click on any one of them for viewing, and the procedure is thus completed.

It must be noted that although iPod Linux automatically resizes the photos, the pictures are smaller in size if you use the Easy Graphic Converter. They can also be distorted and would also load faster. It is advisable to use smaller images as trying to view large size photos with iPod Linux would distort them.

Thus, viewing photos in iPod Linux can be made possible by going through the above instructions and also taking care of specific things in mind, as explained before.