WordPress is a blog hosting site which is used to manage free blogs posted on the web. It provides the management of free blogs. The free WordPress account offers you custom design templates, automatic spam protection, integrated statistics and others on your blog. The API service provided by WordPress analyzes blog traffic.

WordPress exposes the statistics in two simple ways: As a flash chart in dashboard and as API service. If you want to look at blog’s stats then you can do it in the dashboard. Assuming that you are logged into your WordPress account, go to your blog. You will see the WordPress toolbar at the top of page. Click on “My Dashboard”. If you need more details then you can hover your mouse over “My Account” and select “Stats” for more information. There are at least 6 important statistics that you need to check.

The first thing you need to check for your WordPress account is Views per Day. This is probably the statistic that may take most of your interested. This function plots the total number of visits that you made each day and it will keep your record for the last 30 days. The other important thing for WordPress are Referrers. Basically Referrers are web pages through which visitors reach your blog. There are different kinds of referrers: pingbacks, explicit linking, related posts etc. If a certain website is driving a lot of visitors to your blog then it is time to notice. Apart from these you also need to take care of Top Posts and Pages. This shows top 10 posts for the given day. Yet another interesting thing about this is that each of posts/pages in this section also has an addition chart icon. Clicking on them gives the statistics for that particular post alone. The new page in the window of this function shows a chart detailing about the number of visits occurred to that page in last few weeks. Most interestingly, this feature also show the average visits per day for last few weeks and months. This gives a lasting popularity of your post. Now you also need keep aware of Search Engine Terms. This corresponds to the search terms typed in search engines or in the WordPress search boxes etc. In brief, this panel gives you the information about search terms that fetch visitors to your blog. Another important thing for WordPress is Clicks. The Clicks panel in the window of WordPress shows the list of links in your blog. In a way, you can consider this function as an inverse of referrers. Apart from this you can also act as a referrer for some other blog. The last thing that you should keep in your mind is Aggregate Statistics. There is also an another panel that shows some aggregate stats. The Aggregate Statistics shows the total number of views to your blog so far, email subscribers, number of blogs and posts, etc.

Keeping these important statistics in mind, we can easily analyze the total number of views for WordPress account.