With the help of the incredible tools in the latest windows you can watch television live on your computer. There are a lot of enhancements which Windows 7 has provided in this latest version. With this you would be able to view all favorite programs of yours and can also record them. Based on the requirement specification for watching live TV on the Windows Media Centre you can easily hold the recorded programs and also replay them. This gives you the ease to watch TV at your own time and comfort.

In case you want to avail this facility then just go ahead and find if your computer has these minimum requirements:

  • There is a requirement of a TV signal source which is in form of either a cable jack or an antenna.
  • You also need to have a television tuner card that helps you to tune the channels. This can be an internal chip or an external device.

If your computer has these basic specifications then you would be able watch television on your PC. The media center also has provisions to watch TV even without the tuner card depending on several regions. With the help of the Internet TV you can watch channels. The media center can be controlled via two devices:

  • Mouse
  • Media centre remote control

In case you do not want to invest in the extra gadgets then you can make use of the usual keyboard and mouse. I will now present to you some of the simple steps with which you shall be able to use the TV viewing capabilities of the Windows media center.

1.   Open the Start menu and then navigate to Media Center through the following navigation

Start> All Programs> Windows Media Center.

2.   Then either select the ‘Live TV’ option from TV section on the Start screen or select the Guide button to get the details of the show which you want to watch.

You can also monitor the playback of the Live TV with the help of the mouse. Simply follow the below steps

Select the Pause button with which you can for a while stop the program for up to 30 minutes. To resume the playback simply select the Play button.

With the help of the sliders you can easily move the movie or the playback to required point. There is also great ease with which you can rewind or fast forward the movie with the help of the media center controls. You can also have control on the volume and channel using the dedicated buttons on media center screen.

I must suggest that you should actually try out this incredible feature of the windows media center. You may actually be so addicted to this that you would not like to watch TV anymore on that hefty TV set.

Just attach the woofer speakers to your system and enjoy incredible Live TV on the go whenever you want.