Microsoft Live Meeting is a very efficient way to organize an online meeting.   Using this software, you can allow multiple people to participate in a meeting. To perform this meeting, you all no need to be in one room. It is the best medium to organize a meeting for out of town workers, online groups, and offices with multiple locations. So, you need to understand the Microsoft Live Meeting first and then you can start using this software. There are several features of live Meeting like it has Highly interactive, virtual classroom setting, you can held Many sessions several times per week and you can also focus on real- life meeting scenario.

We will show you some steps to use Windows Live Meeting; you just need to follow the steps given below:


The first step is to download and install Microsoft Office Live Meeting. It is very easy to join a meeting, if you have an invitation mail then you can directly download the software and if you have Microsoft Office Live Meeting software installed on your system then you can organize your own meting.


Now you can join a meeting by clicking the meeting link. When you click the link, this will open Microsoft Office Live Meeting and automatically allow you access to the meeting. You can also start by creating your own meetings, just open the Microsoft Office Live Meeting and click the “Meet Now” button. Next step is to choose the attendees menu and select the people you want them to join the meeting. Click invite and choose their email address, now to send the invitations finally click the send button.


You can also schedule a future meeting, just go to Microsoft outlook and click the “Schedule a Live Meeting” button. Now enter email addresses of the attendees and also select the start and end time. If you want you can also choose the “Attendees” and “Presenters” for the meeting here and Click “Send”.

Now to present the meeting, just click the content menu and click upload file from the share menu and choose a file. After doing this, the file will be uploaded to the meeting and you can use it in future. Under the share menu, click the file name to present the file to all participants.


You can also create content during meeting by clicking the content button and click the share button. If you want to share your speeches during a meeting then click the “Voice & Video” menu and click the microphone or speaker button. By clicking the button you can speak during the meeting and share your voice with others.


Now after sharing your voice, you want to share your videos and view all attendees. So to do this, click the “Not sharing my video” button located in the top task bar. Doing this will enable the web cam and now you can share voice and videos.

You can also use phone to dial toll free number during a meeting. You need to have the participant code and tell the meeting to join conference.