Windows Live Essentials is a suit of many applications which earlier were released as separate standalone applications but now are the part of Windows Live Essentials. For example the MSN messenger, Windows Movie Maker, Windows Mail etc were earlier separate software and were separately available along with the operating system but now they are a part of the Windows Live Essential suite and can be installed and used by just one installation and one password. If you create a Windows Live account you get direct access to your Mail inbox ( Windows Live Mail), your instant messenger (Windows Live Messenger), Online office and much more.

In this post i will let you know how to work on Windows Live Essentials and how to create an account on the same.

Creating a Windows Live Essentials account:

Step 1: Open your Internet browser and go to .com

Step 2: Click on Sign Up and then fill in the details to create an account of your choice.

Once you create your account you will be directed to user account’s page and there you can fill in extra information about you. Information like your interests, education, work information, social information and you can even notify your friend s on different networks live Orkut, Gmail, Facebook about this account and can send them friend requests.

Step 3: on this page you will get access to all your online resources like Mails, Calendar, Skydrive, Photo albums and much more. You can even configure your phone and your computer with the Windows Live account so that you can sync the data on them easily with Windows Live.

Use installed Windows Live applications:

Step 1: To use Windows Live Messenger you need to install the Windows Live messenger on your computer. It can be easily installed from Windows Live website and it gives you liberty to add friends into your messengers list even if they are not on Windows Live.

Step 2: Windows Live Mail. Windows Live mail is advanced version of Windows Outlook Express and now it comes bundled with the operating systems. They way you used to configure your email accounts on Outlook Express the same way you need to configure your Windows Live account once on it and then you will get mails directly in the inbox of your Windows Live Mail on your computer.

Step 3: Windows Live Movie Maker. This is the same old application which was known by the name of Windows Movie Maker. Since it is a part of Windows Live Essentials so the name has also changed a little but the interface and working of it remains the same with some advanced options of sharing the media online easily using your Windows Live account.

Step 4: Windows Live Photo Gallery. This is the same old photo gallery which was present in operating systems launched after Windows XP. In this photo gallery now you can directly share the photos online using your Windows Live account.