In our everyday lives we notice that managing the things is very important. If we do not manage the things in the proper order, we cannot get them at the right time. This causes nervousness and real embracement. In order to refrain from this we need to keep our things in order and place. Same applies to the files and folders we keep in the computer. If we do not give our files a proper order and arrangement we will not find them, when we need them most.

Windows 7’s Library Feature

Windows 7 offers a unique feature of libraries that can help you to arrange your files and folders in the optimal way so that your access to them becomes much easier. This feature was not available in the previous versions of windows. There are different libraries for different files like document library is for documents, spreadsheets and presentations. Picture library is for dealing with different kinds of pictures. Music library handles the arrangement of all music files. Videos library will arrange all the videos files on your computer. Each library takes its class of files from different locations on the computer and brings them under one collection without moving them from the places where they are stored. Bringing all your music files from all the drives and locations on your computer to one single collection is a great idea for their arrangement and organization and most importantly easier access.

Making customized library

Apart from these four default libraries namely document, music, picture and video libraries, you can make a new customized library of your choice. In order to make a new library go to start, click your username so that your personal folder is opened. Notice an option of libraries, click on libraries. In the toolbar of libraries click new library. It will ask you for its name. Name it according to your choice and then press enter. A new library is just formed. You should now create a new folder in the library as a default location for all the files in this folder which you will save or copy in this newly formed library. In the library you can arrange the items (files) as you like. You can arrange them by date, size, folder, name and other properties. For instance, you can arrange the music files by the name of artist. It becomes easier to search a song sung by that artist under his name. You can arrange the items in the library by using “arrange by” menu located in the library pane.

Adding and removing folders in libraries

You can include a folder in your library for arrangement and easier access to the newly added files to your computer. For instance, you can add a folder to your library which refers to the files stored in your external hard drive. Whenever your external hard drive is connected to your system, you can access the files in that hard disk from the folder in your library. If you do not need a particular folder or want to delete them from your system, you can easily and simply do so by removing the folder from your libraries just as you do normally.

Libraries have made it very easy to store and mange your data. Now you can save your data according to its type and access it any time with a lot of ease because you know that what kind of data you are looking for and in what kind of library you can find it.