While using any operating system, taskbar is the most important part of it. To arrange or manage windows you use taskbar. If you want to open any file or folder you also use taskbar. To run any windows based program you use windows taskbar. If you are running any program and you want to temporary stop work on that window, you can easily minimize it on the taskbar. So whatever you do in any operating system, task bar always play vital role. It is not only hold or open things, but it also saves lot of time. Also other options are available which shows the date and time on the corner of the taskbar, to make it easier for the user to know the time without losing focus from the work. And if you use program which runs behind the screen, task bar also plays its role to keep them running at the back by holding or showing their icon along with the clock, so you can easily know what is running or working behind the scene.

Windows 7’s Taskbar

In windows 7’s taskbar you will find many options and features which were not available in previous windows or operating systems. It does not only show the opened windows, folders or running programs, but it also show each of the running programs in the shape of the button on the task bar without any label. So now you don’t have to think much, and you can just open the windows by seeing the button. Also there is another option through which you can customize that how you want these program buttons to show up, and what are the sizes you preferred for your own comfort. Also people can arrange and manage the programs through the option of pinned and unpinned button.

Switching Between Windows

In previous operating systems, when you have opened multiple windows and you want some of them to be minimized for some reason or to work on another window, you often find yourself in a difficulty when you try to open them again. You have to switch to different windows to see at what windows you were. But all new Windows 7 allow you to preview the windows that are minimized by previewing them through the help of Aero Peek.

Enhanced Options

Pinning programs into the taskbar is the new option, as previously you were doing so only through start menu. But now pinning the programs with the taskbar, allows you to open your favorite pinned program with a single click. Also you can select which icons at the end of the taskbar should remain visible and what are the icons which shouldn’t. Another option is the Show Desktop button at another side of the screen, through that it  allows you to view the desktop while you are working and suddenly need to see the desktop or to view anything else on desktop. And the different thing is that you do not need to click that button, just point out that button and it will show you the desktop.

Microsoft Windows 7 serves a user in a way that the user can achieve whatever he want to do, by maintaining programs, folders and many other services which are working in the background, in a way it comforts the user and save his/her time.