Windows 7 is the operating system to many people around the world now and it is widely becoming popular with more and more people every day. The operating system is certainly an excellent product from Microsoft. The operating system is the perfect fusion of security and features on the overall basis. Windows 7 registry is the key to the whole operating system like all the products that have been brought to you by Microsoft so far so whoever has a grip on the registry repair means that he can get all the Windows 7 related problems sorted out quite easily. All the system wide changes that are done on the application level of the computer are registered with the Registry. In addition, it records for all the changes that are being brought by the different viruses on your computer and anyone who is good with the registry can remove them.

Repair Registry Manually

In most of the cases, this is not suggested but if you still consider yourself to be an expert in the registry editing, you can continue to edit your registry files manually using the normal state of your machine. You need to go to the registry editor to create or remove entries. Go to the Start Menu and write regedit in the search box provided; you will see a link to the Registry Editor. Press ENTER and enter into the editor. In the left pane, you can see links to all the registry entries in your computer. You can click and expand them on the right window. From there you can delete or add any entry of your choice knowing the association of the entry deleted or added.

It is always advised that you take back up of the registry of your Windows 7 before making any serious changes so that you have a restoration option with you. You can restore the original registry once the repair goes wrong.

How to Use a Registry Repair

The convenient option of repairing your registry is to use a software application instead. This is better and convenient as an option so that you can rely on the software without taking the risk all on your shoulders. There are a number of them available on the internet but you need to make sure that you use the best one amongst them. The Windows 7 registry repair software helps you clear your registry from all fake entries that do not come from a credible source. This is an excellent tool to use in case your system is responding slowly or it responds in an alien way. The registry repair tools are helpful to set your registry on the safe state removing the registry edits that are involved by the invasion of viruses.

The application of registry repair for viruses can be used by users of all type, irrespective of their skill set. Anyone from amongst the computer users can use the application easily. Both the expert and novice users can easily use the application setting the registry to a safe status.