Many people have written interesting and unique apps for computers and portable mobile devices. Earlier only good software developers could write apps. Well, times have changed. Today, a little software development experience can help you in developing apps. There are many support platforms and wizards available from various resources. Apps have become a really major and important aspect in the development and growth of most OS platform developers.

These days it is very common and easy to build your own app. Without the knowledge of programming and scripting also, with the use of a number of tools available, even non-developers can easily write apps. Some popular app development platforms, include SwebApps, PhoneGap, Kumulos, NSBasic, E-potion, IBuildApp, GameSalad, BuildAnApp, MyAppBuilder, MobBase, Kanchoo, RedLaser, and a whole range of many such app development tools. Just like a web page development, you can fill in content and write small routines, link them with a wizard and publish them. In Android, you can also test them on your own Android-based phone.

In the case of Apple iOS, even if you build an app you are expected to send it to App Store and get approval for the same. Besides, the iOS developer tools also need to be used and good development knowledge is essential. App writing can be real fun and it does not take much time to create an interesting app whether for fun or for a useful purpose. In the case of Windows Phone 7, the app hub of Microsoft provides a lot of resources. You need to be a real experienced Windows user to gain useful advantage. Of course if you learn to write on Windows, the same skills can help you to write games on the Xbox live online gaming platform.

In the case of the HP WebOS, you can use the same language that you use for creating a website. You can also write them on the web with the Ares Web App. The Google Android App Inventor is another interesting platform for writing programs in Java. The App Inventor is an interesting tool. You can develop your app in a visual way, even using a logical series of puzzle like components based on functionality and the specific interactions needed by you. A little amount of research, a creative mind and simple innovative approach, using the wonderful tools available, you can become an app writer.