Wouldn’t it be nice if you could find e-mail from any location on any server, be it a company server or a group of networked computers? Of course it would, given the reliability and ease with which you can check your e-mail remotely from services such as Outlook on the exchange server. Setting this up should not be a bother as it takes shorter than you think.

Remote Access Merits

In a company or corporation that has allowed its employees Microsoft Exchange accounts, any mails you get or send are kept in the company’s Exchange server and can only be checked from the MS Exchange accounts that you have. But that has changed and there are ways by which you can set up exchange in order to allow users on the Exchange server access their mails remotely if there is no active connection to the network. This you can simply do by turning the cached Exchange mode on and you will subsequently be able to download a complete copy of your Exchange mailbox to your PC and thus get unlimited access to it whenever you want and from whatever places you are.

What to do!

To set up Exchange so your users can access mails remotely via Outlook, simply go to the Microsoft Outlook program and run it or open it. This you can do through opening it and entering your User name and password, just like you normally do. Go to the Tools tab and then select Email Account once Outlook is opened and from the Email Account, select View or Change existing email accounts and then move to the next step by clicking on Next.  Once here, underscore your Microsoft Exchange account from the availed list of email accounts that you will easily locate on the left part of pane you have opened and select the Change tab. Now, just check the box beside the Use Cached Exchange Mode and then move on by pressing on Next.

Set Up Complete!

Once you have done the above, just press on the finish tab and the configuration changes you just made to your account will become active. All that remains is for you to close the window and return to the original Outlook Window you had opened.

In the meantime, give Outlook some seconds to complete the download process for your full copy of Exchange mailbox. You can keep pace with the download by watching its progress via the rate bar. The moment the transfer process concludes, so does your remote access begin!

Hurray, you have just set up exchange server to enable you pick up your mails remotely regardless of whether there is a connection or not. How good can it get, the flexibility this gives you as regards your mail is unparalleled and ensure you have it set up. The process is simple as you have just witnessed. Enjoy picking your mail from wherever you are through Outlook.