HP is one of the renowned companies in providing the best technology solutions around the world when it comes to server technology. They have perhaps one of the very excellent ranges available on the planet in the field of servers. Red Hat on the other hand is ruling its respective domain and is doubtlessly the juggernaut from the Linux Family. Both the companies have come up in an alliance where they have teamed up against Oracle’s Solaris Platforms. The alliance is helping different companies to jump to the Linux-based x64 iron.

Migration Services offered to Sparc/Solaris clients in the market:

The two companies did not come up with any of the similar news and the migration services are doubtlessly the reaction to the Oracle’s spiking of HP’s Solaris OEM agreement in the last month. The agreement stated that HP will be able to bundle Solaris on its ProLiand Rack and Blade Servers and sell Solaris support contracts in the same way as it bundles and sell contracts of Microsoft’s Windows, Novell’s SUSE Linux Enterprise Server and Red Hat’s Enterprise Linux.

There has been no response from Oracle on the subject for the spiking of the agreement with HP and there are some of the assumptions that one can make about the reasons. It might have been because Dell and IBM as well as Fujitsu have OEM contracts for Solaris already. The killing of the contract has however brought in a new move into the market initiated by both HP and Red Rat.

HP Migration Center:

HP Migration center is the source that is providing these migration services to users that are currently using HP machines bundled with Sparc/Solaris. The Migration Center is a part of the Technology Services Division within the Services Group of the company. The services group has been helping people migrating customers on IBM Power AIX, AS/400 and Power-I series, mainframe servers as well as the DEC Alpha and PA-RISC customers of HP itself to move to HP ProLiant (x64) or even Integrity (Itanium) iron.

The HP migration services provide you with an excellent yet coherent method of migration where you can easily set HP to help you do the job for you. The Migration Center makes an assessment of what you have so far and what you might want in the future. Once this is done, the Migration center comes up with a plan to migrate and then deploy the plan accordingly. It also provides you with ongoing support for the new hardware as well as software installed. The price of migration solely depends on the client and the scope of the work and there are rare chances where the Migration Center at HP is going to discuss the price issues with you.

HP Migration Center and the latest Deployment:

The Migration Center is going to provide users from around the world with same services as the center has been providing in the past. The HP Migration center is after all the shops that are using the Sparc/Solaris servers lately and they are going to help the customers move on to the ProLiant servers that will be running Red Hat’s Enterprise Linux Operating system and Enterprise Virtualization Hypervisor that is based on the open source KVM hypervisor controlled by Red Hat.