HP has recently announced that new and high speed wireless networking products are available now which include a dual radio and 3-spatial-stream access points that are designed to provide maximum throughput. Many special features are included in HP Mobile Access Solution which include, E-Series MSM (Multi Service Mobility) 430, 460 and 466 wireless access points, Mobility Manager 3.10 network management software and MSM 5.5 mobility controller software. MSM 430 is a dual radio and two-spatial stream AP that is available for just $699 whereas MSM 460 and MSM 466 and the dual radio and 3-spatial-stream APs are available at $999.

This HP Mobile Access Solution enables the users for maximizing the mobile communications using the wireless access points that supports 50% additional mobile devices than the existing competitors. The new access points can deliver the maximum performance in 802.11n A.P. technology.

HP said that both MSM 460 and MSM 466 are the first access point of the industry which can transmit 3 data streams / wireless radio, as opposing to the current technology of two streams on a wireless network. This new technology would allow the Mobile Access Solution devices for reaching about 15 simultaneous sessions of HD video conferencing against 10 that are supported by 802.11n.

The key features of it are as follows:

–      First three-spatial-stream MIMO access point

–      Maximum 450Mb.s per radio on E-MSM460 and E-MSM466

–      A range of antenna options is supported by E-MSM466

–      E-MSM430 two stream, performance and price leader

–      Standard power 802.3af PoE is used by all the APs.

The HP Mobile Access Solution that is developed on HP Converged Infrastructure strategy operates like a converged network solution for the wired as well the wireless environments. The result of it is that the clients may reduce the equipment, complexity and the resource necessities across the whole network environment of them by standardizing a single solution which includes the management tools, operating system and access control security.

The users are facing the degraded quality of network since the increase in popularity of the mobile access devices like smartphones, netbooks and tablets, multimedia content and the software as a services are overloading the capacity of the network. The HP mobile Access Solution provides the expanded connectivity but does not sacrifice with the throughput.  The products of HP are very easy to install and manage and also their prices are very cost-effective.

Pricing and availability

The MSM 430 model is available at the US list price of USD 700 while the other models MSM 460 and 466 are available at a list price of USD 1000.