It is a well-known fact that HP recently acquired webOS. As soon as this took place, rumours started flying that HP will create a Hurricane tablet with webOS. It has recently come to light that this may no longer be a rumour, and inside sources report that HP is most likely working on a tablet that is to be powered by webOS.

The Slate tablet was the last we heard as far as tablets go, and its development was stopped after just a short time. The reason for this is that HP is not happy with the fact that the machine did not run Windows 7 very well. After this the company acquired Palm, it stated that webOS would become a pioneer and function better than other systems. Many users thought that it would be strange for a company to invest in the development of a computer that was intended to be great, and simply leave the idea altogether because of a running error. After the company’s statement, it was widely believed that HP was planning on using webOS to power a new tablet.

WebOS has been around for quite some time, and has been used in Palm phones like the Pixi and the Pre. The advantage of a webOS powered tablet is that it will be designed for multitasking from avid user. It will be loaded with all sorts of apps that will make it the all-in-one computer. Of course it has to compete with other tablets powered by efficient systems that boast near to the same number of apps and features. The biggest threat by far is a tablet that is powered by Android. Being one of the world’s computer giants, HP will definitely make good use out of webOS, making mince meat out of the competition, and a worthy contender to the Android.

As far as the exact specifications go, nobody has released that information as yet. Analysts have, however, claimed that if the technology is combined this will make for an amazing machine. With the webOS operating system the HP Hurricane tablet will be a hit. The new HP tablet computer is rumoured to be released towards the end of this year. This will be just in time for the holiday season and electronic stores throughout the world are expected to be flooded with excited customers. If you always struggle to get the perfect gifts for your loved ones at year’s end, draw up your list right away and stick a Hurricane right on the top.

The IT community around the world will be waiting with bated breath for the release of the new webOS powered Hurricane tablet from HP, and it will indeed be interesting to see whether they can generate as many sales as they did rumours. HP has hardly let the world down and has always delivered when it comes to great technology and sleek design. We can only sit back and hope that the rumours are true.