HP has unveiled the new HP webOS 2.0. We all knew that HP will come with the new OS after acquiring Palm. Earlier known as the Palm web OS, HP has changed the name to HP webOS 2.0. Let us take a look at some of the features of HP webOS 2.o.


  • Just Type

With the Just Type feature you can start an email, create an email message, update your status and search your favorite websites. There will be no need to launch an application to do all this. With the Just Type feature on HP webOS 2.0, you can do anything anywhere you want.

  • True multitasking

Got an email message while playing a game? No need to worry. You can pause the game by tapping it and can check the message, update your calendar, update your status and finally can get back to the game without any hassle.

  • HP Synergy

With the HP Synergy feature of HP webOS 2.0, you can sign in to your social networking accounts like Facebook®, Google™, Microsoft® Exchange, LinkedIn®, Yahoo!® etc, all together. You will get the birthday notifications of Facebook friends in your contacts. Your work and personal calendars will appear side by side. IMs and text messages will be combined in a single conversation. You will get all this in your phone with the help of HP Synergy.

  • Exhibition

With the new HP weebOS2.0, you can run new apps designed specifically for the HP Touchstone Charging Dock. The exhibition will automatically launch as soon as you keep your phone on the dock and will display things from your today’s agenda to a slideshow of your Facebook photos. Exhibition will work with the compatible apps on your phone.

  • Apps

With the thousands of apps for HP webOS2.0, you can refresh yourself. Stay connected with your friends and relatives with the help of social networking websites. You can play infinite number of games and can use applications that are made for finance fitness etc.

  • Favorites

Another wonderful feature of HP webOS 2.0 is that you can tag your favorite contacts. These contacts will appear as Favorites in Phone and Contacts views. These contacts will instantly show up at the top of the Contacts, Email, Messaging, and Phone apps.

  • Web

With HP webOS 2.0, you will be lost in the world of web. HP webOS 2.0 comes with support for the Adobe Flash® Plug-in 10.1 so that you can access your favorite Flash-based games, videos etc.

  • Messaging and Email

Now you can manage your email messages and IM’s more efficiently. HP webOS 2.0 comes with Yahoo! Messenger so that you can stay connected with your friends through Yahoo messenger.

  • Productivity updates

HP webOS 2.0 comes loaded with the Quickoffice® Connect Mobile Suite so that you can view Microsoft® Office Word, Excel® and PowerPoint® files and can use them with online services like Google™ Docs and Dropbox.

Apart from the above features, there are features like Text Assist, auto-capitalization, spell check, and a customizable dictionary so that you can type messages easily and quickly. Along with this, there is IPsec VPN and Cisco’s SSL-based AnyConnect with which you can access data and services from your company’s intranet.