Are you in need of any information on the HP slate 500? You can be sure that your request can be well granted. You don’t need to go too far in search of what you need at all. The information is now well available on the website of HP. This goes a long way in making it very easy for you to be able to get qualitative information whenever you need it as far as HP slate 500 is concerned.

What is HP slate 500?

HP slate 500 is a well known window based program that is fully part of the HP Company. It is one of the software that has given the HP Company some kind of recognition in its endeavors. The HP slate 500 is a tablet which operates with the Microsoft windows 7.0S. This HP slate 500 is a device that includes one 8.9 inches touch screen. Not only that, this HP slate 500 can also run on Windows 7 Premium. The device doesn’t have its qualities limited to that extent, it also has two cameras; one of the cameras is video while the other camera is still. These cameras are available for web conferencing.

The listing of the HP slate 500 on the site of Hewlett Packard also gives the HP slate 500 the qualification as being energy star qualified. The tablet is also listed as having a 1.6Hz processor. The listing of this tablet is so wonderful that it is listed in multiple models.

The other news

Not only has HP made news by including the HP slate 500 on its website it had also been in the news for a very different purpose by applying for a trademark for Palm pad. This particular news had been giving room to various speculations by various people the world over about the company’s tablet plans. These news are not the first set of news that will be made by Hewlett Packard.

As time went on another acquisition was made by Hewlett Packard. That acquisition was Palm. This was acquired for a whooping sum of US$1.2 billion. Not only did the company made this acquisition, they also made the Palm’s WebOS mobile OS available on several devices including tablets.

The above news also goes a long way in lending more speculations to the intentions of Hewlett Packard. This speculation is about the reason why Hewlett Packard is scuttling its plate plans. The above only helps to make Hewlett Packard one of the best that is available in its field.

The palm pad trademark request

The application of the company had also made request for trademark of the term palm pad. This request had been made known to the U.S. patent and trademark office. This is aside the launch of a WebOS tablet. The trade mark that Hewlett Packard is requesting for is fully related to the goods and services for various hardware parts of which are the hand help and mobile computers, mobile digital electronics devices, electronic notepads and the PDAs. The information above was given by USPTO documents.