HTC, the Taiwanese Smartphone designer and maker, has just confirmed that it has successfully acquired Abaxia, the company based in Paris France that develops mobile phone applications and software solutions. Abaxia has over 22 million deployments across 36 countries on 60 different phone models for different network carriers and manufacturers of handsets.

They design software that would allow the handset manufacturers to have customized features on the home screen of the handsets so that the look and feel of these phones would be consistent. Among its customers include:

• Samsung,
• Motorola,
• Nokia, and

According to HTC, they acquired Abaxia so that they can already do their own mobile software development themselves and they can innovate at a faster pace than before. HTC is also in the process of deepening and broadening their capabilities in the area of software development and the purchase of Abaxia does just that. The reason for the purchase was published in a statement made by HTC CEO Peter Chou.

Abaxia’s CEO Cedric Mangaud, on the other hand, says that the recent acquisition would really allow both companies to grow and complement each other more since they were already able to work closely before and with huge success.

Some of Abaxia’s software offers include this application called the Mobile Portal. It is an application that enables the user to get quick access to a variety of services and information with just one click on the phone’s idle screen. Others include the Mobile Finder Search All and the Abaxia Open Platform.

Earlier in 2008, HTC also acquired the famous design firm One & Co. Design. HTC’s purpose for this was to create a unique look and feel to HTC handsets under the professional eye and expertise of One & Co. Design.

The year 2009 was considered quite rough for HTC which might be due to the recent financial and economic crisis. But they are really optimistic for 2010 and are expecting a huge turnaround with the addition of new and innovative products in its portfolio.

They are expecting the huge turnaround to come from their latest product, the new EVO 4G, from which they really expect the demand to come from. The new EVO 4G just launched late last week and is considered to be the first 4G Smartphone in the United States.

Both companies refuse to disclose the financial terms of the sale but reports have said that HTC bought Abaxia for 11 million Euros or about 13.1 million US dollars. The Wall Street Journal reported that a close estimate of 13.2 million US dollars was paid for Abaxia but HTC won’t confirm it.