Smartphones these days are more like a necessity these days for many people who are on a constant move all the time while they need to communicate with their offices and peers. You can have a huge list of smartphones that suit your pocket as well as performs the necessary features as well. Selecting a Smartphone is not an issue for a user only but it is an important one with the carriers as well when they have to set a specific phone on the contract. AT&T is passing through the same phase these days.

Phone contracts:

The AT&T iPhone contracts are about to end their validity period and there has been no news from the company with the next Smartphone that they are going to be dealing with. Perhaps there has been an ongoing battle between three of the top notch phones in the market: iPhone 4, HTC EVO 4G and Verizon Motorola Droid X. The best way perhaps to select from a number of options is to set a comparison between them. It helps figuring out the possible benefits that one machine will be bringing along with compared to the other one. You will have a better decision though.


Every phone has a limitation in one way or the other and Apple iPhone 4 has developed serious issues with the reception. You can spend $30 and solve the issue but the problem is that why are you going to spend a penny apart from the contract that you paid for. The case or a bumper needs to be replaced and Apple does not give away any spare for free. On the contrary, HTC EVO 4G has issues with the glass separations and there persist a leaking problem in the device.

HTC vs. iPhone

The biggest attraction that stays distinct for HTC EVO Phone is that it is the first and the only mobile in the market these days that is running on the 4G network. Experts say that even this distinction costs it a lot in terms of the battery.  HTC EVO has been with Sprint previously and it is said that the 3G network of Sprint runs faster than that of the AT&T at some places. You were also able to turn your EVO into a Wi-Fi hub by just paying $30 a month while iPhone can connect with devices through Bluetooth for $20 a month. HTC EVO supports 8 users at a time while iPhone can just connect to 5 at a time.

Droid X

Verizon was selling Motorola’s Droid X previously that is by far the fastest selling Android phone in the whole world. The device has been facing issues related to the display that was a major drawback. The users around the market report that the device has a poor display that starts flickering quite often with no warning even that sets the user in complete confusion. Sometimes, the flickering makes the complete display useless.

When compared to EVO, all three devices have dual cameras one on each side but the experience of Video Conferencing in EVO is far more exciting than the other two devices. The video conference also allows users at EVO to communicate with the computer users as well as other mobile users. iPhone users can chat with only other iPhone users within the same Wi-Fi zone. EVO leads in the primary camera as well having a 8 Megapixel camera followed by a 5 megapixel from iPhone.

iPhone also has a low storage space compared to EVO while there seems to be no relaxation in the price tag of both the devices. EVO 4 has got an interface and size better then both the other phones.