A senior executive of Sprint Nextel is hopeful and is quite optimistic that with the new HTC EVO 4G they will experience less of the summer trauma known as the ‘iPhone introduction’, a term coined by most US telecom carriers (except AT&T) who have customers that leave their current phone network in favor of the latest iPhone model and defect to AT&T.

For the past three years, a new version of the iPhone is released around June and July. Every time Apple and AT&T launch their latest iPhone, customers from the other carriers including Sprint have felt the sting of losing subscribers when their contracts expire and then they leave and flock to AT&T to get the latest iPhone.

During an investor conference, Sprint CEO Robert Brust warned that this summer is another possible trauma year with the introduction of another iPhone model but he is hopeful that they won’t fell the sting as much as the previous years because of the launch of their first 4G phone.

The company recently released a Google device that is an Android and called it the HTC EVO 4G, a Smartphone that they believe can take on the iPhone. This Smartphone features a high resolution touch screen, an eight megapixel camera, and a special feature that allows it to turn itself into a Wi-Fi hotspot.

This phone is considered to be a really compelling competitor to the iPhone and is designed for a 4G network that is super fast. This means that viewing videos and running applications will be faster compared to the iPhone because the EVO is used in a 4G network.

Brust explained further that AT&T’s network problems and its tiered pricing plan could turn off the potential iPhone customers, giving them an edge since the EVO will use Sprint’s Clearwire 4G wireless network. AT&T has been receiving a lot of criticisms and complaints for its network problems that are regularly experienced by their customers.

With this new Smartphone, the company hopes that they won’t lose as many customers as they had in the past. Brust also announced during his presentation in the conference that the sales for the EVO 4G have been relatively strong not only in the 4G areas but all across the country.

Although sales figures might not be as strong as iPhone sales, sales figures for the HTC EVO 4G were higher and more promising than the Samsung Instinct and the Palm Pre which were released in the previous years.