HTC Flyer is a tablet PC featuring the Android 2.4 GingerBread operating system. HTC was given the Device Manufacturer of the Year award at the MWC 2011. The HTC Flyer seven-inch tablet has several interesting features. One point that comes to everybody’s mind is about the technology being used and features being re-introduced, after a long period of time, in the highly competitive tablet PC arena. When there is so much hype going on around on the use of touch screens and multi-touch Feature screens, comes HTC’s decision to re-introduce the Stylus. Re-introducing the Stylus could in fact, be a feature with an absolute edge for the HTC Flyer.

HTC Flyer Tablet

There has also been a lot of discussions by Google, Android Forums and Techies worldwide, on the Android 3.0 Honeycomb OS version being optimized especially for tablets with large screens. The Gingerbread and Froyo operating systems are really not designed for large screens. Is HTC’s decision to go with Android 2.4, a logical decision over the available Honeycomb Android 3.0 OS for their tablets. The Android 2.4 was introduced, replacing the Android 2.3, but keeping the Gingerbread flavor and probably even name. In fact, ViewSonic also plans to introduce a product, a tablet, a large screen unit, around the Android 2.4. In fact, the Android 2.4 features very good performance on Single Core devices, with even Honeycomb Apps, which have been created principally for many Dual Core devices and tablets. In fact, an interesting development is Honeycomb Apps availability for smartphones.

With HTC’s innovative strength, and hybridization capabilities, it is absolutely certain that the HTC Flyer will make waves in the tablet market. With the Stylus, the magic pen, allowing you to paint, draw, retouch pictures and even write in your own handwriting, the HTC Flyer is likely to become popular. The HTC Watch On Demand viewing and the SRS Virtual Sound will definitely make news with blockbuster movies. It has the E-book feature and offers high speed access for YouTube or search engines such as Google. High fidelity sound with the SRS WOW and the 720 pixel HD camcorder app will offer an excellent multimedia experience. The HTC Flyer definitely brings value for money.