The union of HTC smart phones with the Android operating system has resulted in the creation of very successful smart phones. HTC sales reports have shown a 33 percent income increase after the second quarter of last year and a revenue increase of 58 percent compared to the previous year. HTC is expecting the new ‘Evo 4G’ smart phone to maintain the boost in revenues for the rest of 2010. According to Wall Street Journal, on the 6th of July, HTC announced their profits for the second quarter of 2010, which was reported to be 268 million dollars. For HTC, this is one of the biggest profits since 2007. A total of 33 percent increase in net income and an increase of 58.45 percent in revenue is a great success indeed.

Getting to know Android

As suggested earlier, the key component of their success happens to be the Android mobile operating system that was created by Google. While the Microsoft OS is used in some of HTC smart phones, it’s smart phones like ‘Evo 4G’, ‘Driod Incredible’, ‘MyTouch 3’ and ‘Nexus One’ (which all use the Android OS) are the ones that have caught the customers’ attraction for HTC worldwide. IDC, a market research company reports that by 2013, the Android OS will be in 2nd place for popularity in the field of mobile operating systems internationally. Earlier reports from AdMob, a mobile advertising network, stated that the Android OS is currently the most used mobile OS. It is also the fastest growing OS with a 24 percent increase in requests in February alone. Last year, Android phones only amounted to 2 percent of the requests reported by AdMob.

HTC and Android

HTC has also converted from ODM to OEM branding, allowing it to associate with widely successful products. “HTC has actually done a pretty good job of coming out of the gate as a brand, the products look good, they’ve got a good environment, they’ve chosen good fonts for the name—they’ve hitched their products to Android, which has paid off.” That was a comment made by Roger Kay, principal analyst for Endpoint Technologies.

HTC’s latest ‘Android-powered’ phone

While the 6th of July’s finance report dated back to the 31st of March, the company is expecting its latest smart phone ‘Evo 4G’ to keep elevating the boost in revenue for the remaining of the year. The following are some features of the Evo 4G:

  • A 4.3 inch display (800 x 480 pixels)
  • A primary camera (8 megapixels)
  • A secondary camera (1.3 megapixels)
  • Hotspot capability for up to 8 devices
  • Operating system upgradable to ‘Andriod 2.2’
  • Adobe Flash support
  • The first smart phone to run on both 3G and 4G networks in United States.

Android OS has proven to be a vital component in the strong sales of HTC products, making the manufacturer a major player in the mobile device market. Perhaps you should consider this choice if you are looking to buy a new smartphone or looking for a smart phone that is advanced enough to compare with the new iPhone 4G.