After HTC’s efforts to make changes and produce a far more superior phone, Here comes T3’s 2009 gadget of the year. This fantastic phone is an awesome handset worth showing off and by primary impressions it looks pretty much like a quality product indeed. The phone was made from a single piece of aluminum. The battery, SD card and the camera sections are rubberized.

If the Apple unibody laptop was to be transfigurated into a handset, the HTC legend phone would pretty much be in our expectations. The phone has an optical joystick which is handy enough to replace the usual trackball. There has been a noticeable change regarding the phone’s processor. Its late 528 MHz has been upgraded to 600 MHz. The changes are clearly significant enough to increase its degree of performance. The windows loading don’t take long and opening several other browsers is convenient. Running certain application is available without undergoing sluggish performance on tasks.

The HTC appears to be out linking certain features of the Nexus one. It has great sense interface and multitouch hence, phone experience is astonishingly smooth. There are apps for weather checking and more. Several widgets like shortcuts and favorites are quite customizable. You can even update your facebook, as well as view pictures without having yourself to dig on the menu programs. The screen features give you the excellent overview of applications accessible with only a quick tap on the home button. Task actions like highlighting texts and all, comes as handy as ever. These little tasks are instantly accessible as quick as you snap your fingers.

The phone has features allowing the access of having all your social networking sites in the same place. Hence, you won’t have to swap browsers over and over again, although at times scrolling down pages would appear a bit sluggish. The phones AMOLED screen is quite small in the size of 3.2 inches. The resolution is lower compared to the Nexus one but the brightness is barely noticeable. Movies are shown clearly on the onboard even when in side view.

The battery power drops down to approximately 25% at the end of the day after moderate task operations on the phone, but it’s not that bad. The legend’s improvement brought forth the ceasing of the critics thrown to the Hero; the music feature doesn’t appear to be on the frontline since it still lacks certain features commonly found in dedicated Music players. But if it is only used as soundtrack while on the way to work or something, I’d say it’s not bad that way.

The phone has a 512MB memory but despite that, taking pictures and playing music is not available unless used with the micro SD card. Technically, the phone’s 512MB memory might still be out matched by the Nexus’ 1 GHz processor although both things are different. More or less we still see the HTC legend as a quicker phone compared to others like the Hero. HTC made everything far slicker and gorgeously built, so I still say this phone model stands out among the rest.