HTC Merge CDMA world phone solves the problems of people who have to deal with situations when they are not satisfied with their GSM service and want instant access to CDMA service. Very few phones were available in the market which had both the features of a CDMA and a GSM phone. In such situations, several companies tried to bring and integrate the CDMA and the GSM features in one single phone. With the integration of the CDMA and the GSM type network connections in one single phone, the model would have looked bulky and at the same time, the cost would have been quite higher.

To avoid such problems and to get an upper hand on the supply of the new generation cell phones, HTC provided an opportunity to customers to get new cell phones, which would be compatible with both the GSM and the CDMA networks. There are also several other features which had been incorporated in the HTC phones. Such kinds of CDMA and GSM merged phones are also 3G enabled and they have been equipped with the most updated Android operating system. It was for this reason that the demand for such phones slowly increased in the market and now they are considered to be one of the highest selling cell phones in the market.

Most of the phones of the series have got a 5-mega pixel camera and along with that, the phones have also got W-Fi connectivity as well. Since the phone is 3G enabled, hence faster Internet connectivity can be expected along with improved performance. A 3.8-inch LCD screen enhances the chances of getting high quality pictures and the phones also support 720p full HD video which is one of the most incredible features of the phones made available by HTC recently.