From latest cell phones to computers, technology has made it possible for people to reach for the impossible. We see that the HTC Thunder Bolt was the new entry into the market for the technology and we saw that the case was indeed a serious affair as it led to a lot of speculation and talks regarding the discovery.

We often see that the main drawback of a Verizon Wireless Network is that the users are often unable to use the both data and voice simultaneously. But the company says that it will certainly change with the carriers LTE services, however. In one of the recent releases the bullet number 2 indicates that HTC THUNDERBOLT 4G is the first of the device that uses the data and voice capabilities simultaneously. This is certainly a good news but then the services of the LTE is not available at all part of the nation at the present times. So all this means that this features will be available to you sometime in the futures or may be never unless you live in the LTE neighborhood. In either way you can actually get a hand on the same sooner or later.

This is an iPhone that enable the function of the voice and data technology. This is one of the sorts after product for sure and has left behind all the other CDMA products that Verizon produced earlier on. This will break all records and going to be the first smart phone that will create history as it brings with it some complicated features that were never seen in a cell phone. There are indeed a lot of evidence to believe that this new phone will certainly provide the customer with the services of the both the voice and data services application. These very facts have been confirmed by the LTE networks as well and this is a great fact that could have happened to the mobile phone users. Although the LTE services do not support the application for the voice calls but this is one aspect that can be produced by digitalizing and then transferring it into small blocks akin to the VOIP services that we get to see with the Skype.