You must still be remembering gadgets such as the EVO 4G, Nexus One and Droid Incredible, made by HTC Corporation, manufacturer of the world’s first Android powered  phone. Well the company is expected to launch six new devices in the US and Europe, that is expected to hike its shipments up to  2010 fourth quarter to an amazing 8.5 million units.

Increased Sales

The launch will bolster  HTC’s presence in the market globally; even though not all of the devices to be launched are Android phones, the company has gone into partnerships with companies such as T-Mobile that is expected to launch two HTC manufactured phones called Vanguard and Emerald. These two Smartphones  will be released in September and November respectively.

According to the company’s chief executive officer, HTC’s handsets sales are looking good in spite of the global economic downturn, due to the financial meltdown. The chief executive, Mr. Peter Chou said that he hopes the impressive sales of the HTC Magic would lead to shipments that will peak at about 1 million units in one or two months.  Chou said the performance of the sales is way better than what most analysts have forecast.

Analysts Projections Proved Wrong

Most analysts thought the company’s global shipments would increase tremendously after a five year period but the improved sales are proving them wrong, as the I million target mark is foreseeable.  In the US, the company’s bay, HTC Magic will be launched as myTouch 3G and the company said it would be announcing additional Android powered handsets in the coming week.  HTC Corp. made a name for itself and got reputation for being the pioneer company world over to manufacture a phone powered by Google’s Android platform. HTC is very upbeat that shipments for its second Android phone will reach the 1 million stated targets despite the global recession affecting mobile sells. Should the shipments hit the 1 million mark, it would only be four months since the Android phones were up for sale in Europe.

HTC Hopeful of US Mega Sales

While reflecting on its performance in the US, HTC’s chief executive said he expects the US sales to be stronger when looked at from the performance of the phones in the US in the second half of 2010. That would potentially increase fourth quarter 2010 shipments to hit the 8.5 million mark. HTC Corp expects its revenues to increase by a margin of 15% in the fourth quarter to about US$1.2 billion as it experiences increased orders from America. Major US firms such as AT&T Inc, Sprint and T-Mobile USA Inc are expected to tock the phones. T-Mobile said it will be releasing details of the new Android based phones sometime later.

The latest baby from HTC was launched in Taiwan by HTC and Chunghwa Telecom and is currently riding high in the market. With the announcement of the release, HTC Corp’s shares went up by 0.36% immediately after the announcement.