Hypertext Markup language standard which has been used for constructing web pages has shaped its latest version known as HTML 5. Since its previous versions are not successful for a decade, some of the conscious developers have created new features like 2D Graphics, built-in video etc. in HTML 5. HTML 5 is somewhat imprecise, however it is much convenient than HTML.

HTML 5 which is a little bit complex can be easily managed only by a few talented programmers. This has created a success for the marketing departments. They have started to develop tasteful packages that can make “HTML 5” comprehensible.


Apple’s launch of Safari 5 has given a crystal clear action that HTML 5 has been snatched from the developers by the marketing folks. Apple has created a HTML 5 demo site which was created with most up-to-date web standards supported by Safari. Hence it has obstructed other browsers from it. You’ll be welcomed to download Safari which is free for PC and Mac. It will take just a few minutes. Apple doesn’t say that HTML 5 can’t be viewed by other browsers. But it is marketing Safari.

Christopher Blizzard, Mozilla’s evangelist has criticized that Apple’s messaging is not conveying their love since they are blocking the other browsers from their demo site and it is a intellectually dishonest matter. Bruce Lawson touting HTML 5 at Opera have also criticized the dishonesty of Apple.

On seeing the message “You’ll need to download Safari to view the demo” you may think that other browsers are not supporting it. But it is not true. It’s the trick played by Apple simply to market Safari. If you want to view the demos without the aid of Safari, a developer version of Apple’s HTML5 demo site will be useful for you.  Apple’s demo is creating a image that the marketers have snatched the label of HTML5. But not all of its demonstrations are really of HTML 5.


Some of the following Web changes are not a part of HTML 5. Geolocation uses only HTML and not HTML 5 which helps the user to enter his physical location to a website. Only Microsoft IE9 has made Scalable Vector Graphics standard more relevant and only Apple has made the Cascading Style Sheets Standard more relevant.

Not all Web technologies have the fortune of universal buy-in.  Though IndexedDB allows the Web applications to accumulate data locally on a computer, Apple is using a different technology for it. Even though for 3D graphics on the Web, some prefer WebGL, Microsoft has not consent with it. While Web M from Google is preferred by Opera, Google and Mozilla, Microsoft and Apple prefer H.264. Adobe Systems Flash has been functioning as a mock-up for a lot of happenings with Web standards.

HTML 5 fans are now enthusiastic to make it popular.  Apple is now trying to make an impact on the world by means of HTML 5.