One of the most powerful tech companies of the world, Google, is going to take a giant step again. Google’s operating system (OS) ‘Google Chrome’ is going to be launched very soon. Top notch tech information provided hot news of releasing Chrome OS in the Acer laptops by the ending of second quarter of 2010. But soon after the rumor, Acer denied about early marketing of Google Chrome OS supported laptops and i-Pod. The press release of Acer stated that they want to market the products within Q3 or Q4 of 2010 with a vision to make it more perfect and user friendly.

Google chrome OS is taken from the name of Google’s own browser ‘Chrome’. ‘Chrome’ was released in 21may, 2009 and started to grab the attention of user for exclusive advantages in web browsing. With a vision to hold a ‘brand’ name in the market, the new operating system created by Google is named after their recent web browser name. Google wanted to put it in the laptop market by the end of this year and so they went with Acer for producing laptops with Google Chrome as OS. Google Chrome is slightly different from other operating systems. The main feature is that it will take only 7 sec for booting up and start. It will store data on line instead of computer memory like Google docs, which will make the system faster surely. The early rumor of release of Google Chrome OS jerked the market with wonder for the very early publishing. The primary news stated that the product is going to be launched in the Computex, one of the computer and electronics fair which is going to be arranged in Taiwan this year. Taiwan based company Acer was the focus of the rumor as they aim to market the Google Chrome OS very soon. Just after the rumor grasped the whole market, Acer denied the authenticity of the news with a press release. In a press release in 17 may, 2010 they stated that they have no short term plans for this Google Chrome OS hardware products. They want to develop and analyze it more rigorously before putting into the open market. But some sources said, prototype of Google Chrome OS laptops may be shown in Computex! For some new technology, Google Chrome OS has grabbed everyone attention. The whole tech world is looking forward for the launching of the products. The chips will be ARM supported which will make the processor faster and more feasible for use. Google’s OS for smartphones ‘Android’ is also the first choice of the users for its multi touch support. Tech analyzers are thinking that Google Chrome OS and Android may merge together in near future.

Acer is expecting to sell minimum one million devices by the end of this year. Actually the pricing scheme is not released yet in any forum, but Google CEO Eric Schmidt expressed his hope to keep price of Google Chrome OS notebooks between $300 to $400. But whenever may be the release time is, it will blow a blast the tech market; it can be predicted confirmly!