The recent privacy changes on the Facebook site created a fury among users and Zuckerberg admitted that they have missed the mark, and apologizes for the same. He also promised fixes as soon as possible.

Facebook has become one of the most sought after sites on Internet recently. Other than being the most popular social networking site in the world, Facebook is also the most accessed site all over the world with over a billion users. The recent changes in the privacy policies of the social networking site created anger amongst its users and made the site developers to bow down to the requirements of its users and apologize for the same.

Mark Zuckerberg apologized in a press conference and said that the team felt that people needed some easy privacy options, so we tweaked with the privacy policies. He added that now they know that they have gone wrong about it, but he also feels that its users will understands that their intentions were in the right place and now the company is going to respond to the Feedback from the people they are serving.

Facebook was trying to keep up with the pace of its ever growing user subscription base and while doing so they forgot about the privacy issues its users will have to face. One of the main complaints about recent privacy-related changes was that user controls to change settings were too complex. It is also known that Mark himself is not a big fan of discussing privacy controls and thus missed the mark. The young billionaire and the CEO believed they will bring out new and simpler privacy controls within weeks. He also said that he hoped at the end of all this issues, the service ends up in a better place.

The Co-founder also added that he believed there was lot of confusion amongst its users about the principles of the team and developers of Facebook’s website. He said that the users think that their private information is used and sold to advertisers for a premium price. He said that this is totally out of question as this one of the things which they are against and they are very strict about this. He said that no information was, is or ever will be sold, and added that Facebook will always remain as a free service.

There have been a major backlash and wrath amongst the users for many technical glitches like there were Facebook chat issues which allowed friends to view private chat messages. Also the “like” buttons replaced the “Become a Fan” pages which allowed outsiders to view our likes and dislikes. All of this was seen as an act of privacy erosion by the users and thus complaints were registered to which the team finally reacted and the CEO had to come out in public and apologize.

Everybody hope that the privacy controls issues are solved as soon as possible and better service is availed to the users of the biggest social networking site.