iAd is a new technology introduced by Apple that has change mobile advertisement. Instead of clicking on an advertisement and that leads you to a browser that’ll further take you to the webpage related to the add, iAd is a platform that provides advertisement right inside you app. Certain early reports suggest that developers have earned a great deal in just one day. But before getting into the competition detail, lets take a quick overview at what iAd is and how does it work.

Apple’s iAd

Apple has launched an incredibly amazing technology in its new iphone 4.0 OS. Known as iAd, this evolutionary new tool has changed the meaning of advertisement on a mobile device, forever. What it does is, every time an iphone user runs an iphone app, it displays an add ad the bottom of the application. If you click on the ad it takes you to a fully interactive advertisement. It is fully interactive in the sense that the advertisement is not simply a banner, but an application itself. It’s more like an application in an application. The best part is that you don’t have to find your way back to the application you were using. All you have to is tap the cross on the upper right hand corner, and you are back to doing what you originally were.

The Numbers

As soon as Apple’s iAd came into effect, developers reported high rates income generated from it. One of these many, a developer posted his numbers on a social website that show a total of $1400 earned in one day, over 9300 ad impressions. Not only was that but the click through rate 11.3%, which is unbelievable for such ads. His report also said that the effective cost per a thousand impressions, eCPM, was $147.55. This is said to be almost 50 – 100% eCPM of that other mobiles ads earn.


While most people are really excited about this new twist in technology, some feel that iAd is really not that big a deal. They believe that all this excitement is only due to the fact that this new, and as soon as it gets common it wont get much attention at the customer’s end. All the revenue being generated now will not necessarily remain constant or increase but in fact it’ll only decrease with time. Hence it wont prove much successful for the developers. One supporting factor to this statement is the fill rate. Whenever an app is run it requests for, lets just say, an iAd. While there are not many out there and people would obviously not go for something they already have experienced. Resulting in a decreased click through and ad impression rate.

Well everyone has their own opinion. Truth is that iAd is a completely different platform for advertisement and has, and will continue, to make a standing out place in the market as well as among the users. It’s not only remarkable at users end but also very beneficial at developers end.