Well this may come as a good news for the people who appreciate the fact that the Firefox Mozilla is an incredible open source browser. IBM, the renowned and the most trusted name in Information Technology arena has come up with a resolution of promoting the use of the web browser internally. There have been a lot of factors behind the decision by IBM to use the Firefox browser as the company’s default browser. The news is indeed a major success for Firefox. Due to intense competition from Google Chrome and Internet Explorer, Mozilla would have also required a Big Brand name behind it. There may be a lot of requirements of the ever demanding new age users and indeed Firefox has been able to provide them what they need. Had they not accomplished this major milestone, the browser would not have been selected by a company like IBM for use.

Corporate acceptance of Firefox has in the past been feeble for the reason that it is not easy to administer and organize the browser in an enterprise atmosphere. The deficiencies of MSI packaging and analogous limitations create some dispute. A major decision has led to this change in IBM’s internal IT policy which will now be using the Firefox as it’s first hand Web browser. The shift is a major approval of the browser’s appropriateness in large-scale project environments. IBM decides a strategy to roll it out to workers on new-fangled computers and will persuade its staff of 400,000 to make use of it on their present systems.

As per Bob Sutor, the VP of the IBM’s Linux and open source software came forward and shared his views on this on his blog recently. He says that its see-through development model, well-built security, and strong sustenance for Web standards and ease of extensibility have turned Mozilla into being a benchmark for the web browsers that are open source. As per him Mozilla has been able to refurbish the spirit of raising standards and also provide heightened interoperability in the Browser industry. The adoption of this browser at a large scale by the company would also make it faster and better for the cloud computing strategy of IBM.

He said that the eternally strong assurance of Mozilla for the open standards and the excellence of the accomplishment of them in Firefox, affirms IBM to make use of it as a concrete, up to date platform that should be the element of IBM’s own in-house revolution to considerably bigger use of Cloud Computing. He further added that IBM is keen to promote use of Mozilla as their default browser for the reason that they appreciate the various add-ons and tools which have fostered open source developments in the company. With that said there have been a lot of Third Party Tools that have enhanced the performance. Tools like Client Customization Kit made by Firefox modification consultant Michael Kaply have also further strengthened the faith of IBM in Mozilla while he was employed by IBM.