Now presenting, the Ice Cream Sandwich Keyboard!

If you are an Ice Cream Sandwich fan, here’s something you would love to get your hands on. The latest addition to the offerings from Android is the Ice Cream Sandwich Keyboard. When compared to the “Gingerbread”, this keyboard has brought in a lot of improvements. Though there are keyboards in the market that have a voice-to-text (VTT) functionality, this keyboard comes sans that feature. Instead of the VTT functionality, you would find a microphone button when you check the keyboard’s settings. This keyboard goes best with phones only. If you have a tablet, you might not want to use this as it is not compatible enough with tablets. The keyboard has not received an approval from Google but is still being used unofficially. The people who wish to use this keyboard should also know the risks involved.

Not everyone has the same views about this product. While some users have found it incredible, some have average views about it. One of the unique features of this keyboard is that it suggests you the closest options to the words you are typing. The word suggestions on the screen can be clicked onto for more options. If you’re typing the name of a friend, the keyboard picks up words from your contacts list and adds them to the suggestions. If you like what this Ice Cream Sandwich Keyboard offers, download it online and start enjoying the benefits right now. To experience the features of Ice Cream Sandwich Keyboard, do the following:

Step 1: Go to Android Market and then install Ice Cream Sandwich Keyboard by Johntanmi.

Step 2: Now return to your ‘Home’ screen, press ‘Menu’ button and then select ‘Settings’(Also, you can open the ‘Settings’ page by clicking on the icon in the add drawer).

Step 3: After that, select the ‘Language & Keyboard’ section of the next menu.

Step 4: Check the ‘Ice Cream Sandwich Keyboard’ option and click ‘OK’ on the pop-up.

Step 5: Select the ‘Ice Cream Sandwich Keyboard settings’ option. Now adjust the keyboard to work as per your needs.

Step 6: Open any application (SMS or Gmail) and experience the amazing Ice Cream Sandwich Keyboard.

Step 7: Press and hold the input area for some time to choose the input method from the pop-up. If the punctuation and auto-correct suggestions are coming in blue rather than orange, it means you are using the Ice Cream Sandwich Keyboard.

Just get the latest Ice Cream Sandwich Keyboard right now and enjoy typing.

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