With Google Chrome coming up as a strong player, it has managed to garner a major share of the web browser market once held by Internet Explorer of Microsoft. The toughest competitors of Internet Explorer in the market include Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox, which offer enhanced browsing speeds and an enhanced browsing experience. Microsoft IE9 (Internet Explorer 9) is claimed to have a better uncluttered User Interface (UI) to provide more onscreen space and many more added features.


With the launch of Internet Explorer 9, Microsoft has a product that will enable it to fight the competition with Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. Internet Explorer 9 is a sleek and much revamped attempt to claw its way back to the lead and gain its lost ground. And with the reviews filtering in, Microsoft has done an enviable job and achieved its target of delivering a fast sleek and standards compliant browser while keeping bugs out.

The reviews recommend it for any Windows 7 and Windows Vista running computing device. It does not offer support for the Windows XP operating system. People might try and find similarities between it and other browsers. Microsoft has created a whole new revamped user interface and a simple to use Internet browser. It also has a unique and different look in comparison to other browsers. We had heard of its new privacy policy, which allows you to monitor who has access to your personal data. It also comes with a new ActiveX control to allow you to block any unwanted Flash based content. It comes with a new JavaScript engine with hardware acceleration to improve its speed and graphics.

It comes with an uncluttered look and gives more viewing area in the browsing window. It comes with a new download manager like many other modern browsers with malware protection. Its new graphics acceleration using GPU strategy gives it unmatched speed and performance. It comes with many new technologies keeping in mind the future requirements of users, providing support for HTML5, CSS3 and many new upcoming standards. Also Microsoft has maintained a compatibility wizard to ensure that the web pages designed for older browsers do not suffer any problems in the current one. Thus IE9 (Internet Explorer 9) promises to be a fast and secure browser.