Change is the only constant in this material world practically and nothing as such nothing otherwise would be expected to remain unmoved. The best example for this is the long reign continued by the monopoly Microsoft group’s browser, the Internet explorer. It was once upon a time that IE was almost regarded as the sole option for browsing through the world wide web. And they took enough advantage of this in establishing themselves and are unique and unopposed to remain distinguished in the market for a quite long time. But the alarm bell has already started since a decade now almost for them to be more vigilant about the gathering competition to clinch the position or at least to split up the opportunities.

Market share

Mozilla Firefox, opera, safari all combined together did the job of being a threat to the expansion of Internet explorer far and wide the horizons during the early period of time before a decade long. Mozilla was the one which came really hard on the growth and expansion plans of the Internet explorer. For this the Firefox backed up them with the more efficient fastness of service extended to the end user. This attracted a majority by far and the growth of Firefox became significant in a very short span of time. But with the same speed it scaled heights in its growth it got saturated too with less capability to extend same standard quickest services as it was during the inception. The further versions of Firefox struggled to boost itself further to surge on and on. But it in the mean time the competition got thickened with more number of followers joining the fray to catch up the tail. One such is the Google chrome which is the last to do so and certainly not the least but the best indeed. Meanwhile Internet explorer latest versions which came in were built in such a way targeting to exceed the arch rival’s performance wise to capture more market as well as at least to sustain their grades.

Competitors for Internet explorer

But what is the current plight is what the most interesting as well as prerequisite issue to be considered into account. If you take into account of the statistics of last month April a considerable drop of almost .26 percentages is witnessed in the market share already captured by the Internet explorer. No need to mention about he Firefox which has always remained as the best follower of the Internet explorer, is following its drop too. Firefox also has declined by margins in terms of its market share earlier. Almost sixty percent of the market share is still with the Internet explorer being split amidst its various versions until the latest Internet explorer eight. Safari and opera are found to be having marginal market share and could soon be approaching the negligible levels. Google chrome is the only browser in the past couple of months essentially is found to be surging at break neck speeds.

Their growth in the April as well as in the month of May is found to be just phenomenal and is expected to scale leaps and bounds very sooner.