Pinterest has claimed the third spot in the most popular social networks list by beating Google+ in the United States. It is now behind Facebook and Twitter. Pinterest is largely a social photo sharing website that attracts a lot of female visitors. Pinterest members share a lot of interesting stuff related to fashion, food, health, fitness, home décor, and more.

Pinterest has reached the third position by leaving behind many social networking big shots like Tumblr, LinkedIn, etc. The platform experienced a 50 per cent rise in its web traffic in the month of February 2012 alone.

According to the Experian 2012 Digital Marketer report, “The popularity of Pinterest is a result of the next phase of the behavior we’ve seen online over the last few years. Users are increasingly more comfortable with recommendations from friends or other users when they come through social personalization. As communities become less about friends and more about common interests, retail brands in particular need to take note if they want to make more meaningful connections with their customers.”

Pinterest is also a great platform for marketers and companies who are interested in promoting and advertising their products.

Go through this interesting INFOGRAPHIC if you want to know why you should be on Pinterest.