In today’s world if you ask someone to imagine the world without Internet, he would probably laugh at you and say that it is simply not possible to run this world without Internet. This  indeed is true, as today right from a layman to huge corporate businesses and even governments have become so computer and Internet savvy that everything is computerized and now everything is Internet-ized. So where people wish to share and fetch information from any remote location with extra ease, it requires specialized software applications which makes it possible. These software programs are called network software.

Needless to explain the plight of the world in absence of Internet, more than half of the world will become unemployed and more than half of the industries will become extinct. So when you have such a heavy dependency to share your information and get data from others in the world, it is essential that you’re backed with proper software and proper hardware which makes this process seamless for you and you can handle it like a child’s play without the necessity to be a network geek. Now getting appropriate hardware is no big deal, but getting proper network software is really a thing to be taken care of. You can’t afford to goof around with that as in today’s time there are numerous different types of networks possible like LAN, WLAN, WI FI, ad hoc networks like Bluetooth, infrared, etc. Also there are different operating systems like Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, Solaris, etc operating on different machines with different set of configurations across the world and you have to make these machines communicate with each other which are definitely not an easy job.

The software applications which can get this job done for you are called network software. These are not exactly like utility application similar to some end user products like a media player, or a game, or office applications, etc. It is an application which keeps the check over the protocols being maintained in the network where the host computers exchanging information are located in. There are numerous protocols prevailing today which are necessary to be followed strictly by both the source and destination computers sharing data over same or different network as only then the purpose of networking will be fulfilled swimmingly.

It is not like there is one particular software program which keeps the check of all protocols followed by the computers, but as mentioned earlier there are numerous protocols due to the diversity of systems existing across the world. Thus, the software designing companies design network software programs keeping in mind some particular protocols which are extremely essential and vital for networks like FTP, HTTP, SMTP, etc. Companies manufacture software programs for one or two particular protocol suites like for FTP we have software applications which help us to get through the web servers and transfer files. For sending mails we have mail clients which ensure the consistency of SMTP.

There are several huge companies in market today which deal only in network based components and related programs. Companies like Cisco, D-link, etc. are known to all of us. Some popular network programs examples are Telnet, Apache, NetStat, etc. Same as networking, industry network programs are a big industry today.