Tag Cloud is the handy application that adds a lot of advantages to your website. Here, I am going to discuss some of the important Features related to a Tag cloud.

Let us start with Tags Tab feature of Tag cloud. This feature in Tag cloud adds the improvement of search results by adding or even excluding a keyword from original query. Another feature of Tag cloud is Phrases Tab. It reveals the meaningful phrases that are hidden beneath the search results. This feature allows amending the search query just by clicking on relevant phrase. Sites Tab is yet another feature provided in Tag cloud. This feature enables the bringing out the relevant from the selected source or link in just one click. Several marketing business, Internet resources and Search engine optimization applications uses the “sites” tab function to identifying the main competitors and pinpointing target sites. It helps to accelerate the effective advertisement for the websites. Another feature regarding Tag cloud is Zones Tab. It helps to narrow down and to focus on the specific domains or country specific suffixes. Answers Search is the another feature of Tag cloud. This feature provides support to discussions and social forums. Just like answer search, Blog Search is also a feature of Tag cloud. These features of Tag cloud take the queries to the Blogosphere and make the relevant search query. Apart from these search feature another add on is Metrics Search, which provide the search query relevant results along with market share, data, tables facts, statistics, percentages, and graphs. Another search feature of Tag cloud includes Wikipedia Search, Resources Search and News Search. Wikipedia Search provides an instant access to the user for Wikipedia terms. Resources Search provides the Relevant articles, recent white papers, business articles and research studies. News Search provides Latest news articles.

Apart from these features some specific features includes Customizing Your Clouds, Site Cloud, News and Blogs Search and Better Clouds features. Let us discuss these one by one. The customization of Tag cloud includes the following steps. It can be easily customized by using the add-on options. Go to the “Firefox Menu” then “Tools”, after that go to “Add-ons” and then”Extensions”. Now you have to select the Search Cloudlet add-on and then its “Options”. After going on its option interface you can easily customize it. In Site Cloud option you can view the sites that contain most relevant information about your search. The most important thing about this feature is that it display website with bigger font. To narrow down your search criteria, you just have to click on the keyword and then it will be added to your query. As concerned about News and Blogs Search feature, it provides you the content related to the latest news and blog site in just a single click. An interesting feature of Tag cloud is Better Clouds. With the help of Better clouds you can make clouds more meaningful. You can optimize the Search Cloudlet set Number of Results to even 100 on the Google Preferences page.