Today we are living in a world that is shrunk by the computer. The amazing world of internet has enabled to go far and wide on the net to achieve our goals. Making money on the internet has become the buzzing talk of the day. People are finding different ways and means to create a website and monetize it. The most popular way till date has been making use of Google Adsense. Today Adsense is a much sought after online income generating program that has the potential of taking the place of your main business.

However one big difference that we see today is that using Adsense has become less simplified than earlier. Now with the prevalence of several fraud and internet scams, strict regulations have been imposed to use Adsense. It is important to follow these rules else we run the risk of being imposed with a ban to use the Adsense. It is equally important to exercise caution and restraint while using Google Adsense. Hence we have tried to list come common errors that you can avoid when you are using Google Adsense.

  • The first and foremost mistake to avoid is to share any confidential information like the CTR(Click Through Rate), CPM (Cost Per Impression), revenue generated from several individual advertisement campaigns etc. Sharing any kind of sensitive information may turn out against the interests of your website.
  • Another important mistake to avoid while using Google Adsense is neglecting the qualitative aspect of the site content. It is only when you have many articles that are keyword rich, when you post genuine ads in your site that you get relevant and assured returns in the form of increasing traffic that has quality. Make sure that your ads have a realistic link with the content that is being displayed on your web page.
  • When working with Google Adsense one important mistake to avoid is placing your company name as the title. The main secret to steal people’s attention is by making use of an exciting and interesting headline. This strategy holds the key to increasing your CTR.
  • An important mistake people commit is regarding keyword stuffing. You must remember to skip keyword stuffing when you are working with Google Adsense else you run the risk of being shut down from Google.
  • One other vital error that you must avoid is regarding optimization of search engines. There is the imperative need to optimize in order to ensure that the search engines are able to locate your web page and also to make sure that genuine ads are being shown on your site.

There can be no argument regarding the underlying potential that Adsense has as a source of generating steady and continuous revenue. However in order to make it function the right way it is important to remember to avoid some really crucial mistakes when using Google Adsense. Remember to have quality content with good density of keywords. Ensure that your site content has relevance to your alcove.