Wireless connectivity has transformed the way of how people do businesses. You are able to keep yourself up-to-date with the latest news and financial indicators. Internet or wireless connection can help you to download music, games, and connect with the world through email and networking sites worldwide. If you are not experiencing the benefits of your Wi-Fi connection then there are a number of things you can do to improve your computer’s connectivity.

Router’s Location

Try and position your router in the most central location possible. If you position it at one side of the house then you will find that you get a weak signal on the opposite side. Try to keep your router away from metal objects and walls. This will cause interference with your signal and your connection will be much weaker. If you find that there is nowhere else to put your router then you can still improve your wireless connection using other methods.

Placing your router’s antenna

Antennas work by broadcasting signals in a number of directions, but the distance is limited by the size of the antenna. Most of the time you will find that the antenna you get with your router is rather small. You should consider replacing your router’s antenna and getting a bigger one to improve the connectivity range. For even better results you can get an antenna booster. This is basically a reflector that will help to amplify the signal. You can make them by yourself or buy them from the store or online.

Updating firmware

Routers are continually undergoing development, and in order to keep yours up to date you should regularly update your firmware. Different systems will require a different process, and if you get stuck you can always go to the website of your router’s manufacturer. This will ensure that you get the best possible quality connection from your router.

Wireless repeater

Adding a wireless repeater will help to increase the range of your wireless network. The ideal place to put this is halfway between your computer and your wireless access point to make sure that you get the maximum signal strength. It is easy to install and doesn’t come with all sorts of wires. There is no need to stop at one, but you can get a number of repeaters if you want to create a network.

One vendor for connectivity products

Manufacturers design a range of products, and chances are the individual components work best with each other. It is for this reason that you should stick to one vendor when it comes to your equipment for your wireless connection. While other companies’ products may very well work with each other, it is best if you get your router and your network adapter from the same one. This also makes troubleshooting easier, because you will only have to consult one vendor.

With these changes you can dramatically improve the performance of your wireless connection. You will end up with a wider range, a stronger signal and less interference. This is perfect whether you are using it for business or personal reasons.