Burning digital information at the speeds of 48X, and that also on a DVD has come a long way. It was only in the last decade the concept of CD-ROM was introduced, which has now flourished into the concepts of Blu-ray and HD. If you are looking for faster upload of information to your DVD then the Samsung SH-S223F DVD Writers would be one of the best solutions for you. Some of the hallmarks of the Samsung SH-S223F include SpeedPlus technology, speed adjustment technology, buffer under run technology and SATA interface.


General Features

  • Drive Type: DVDRW
  • Drive Height: 42mm
  • Interface: Serial-ATA
  • Drive Mounting: Horizontal/vertical
  • Buffer Memory: 2MB

Data Transfer Rate

  • CD-R Write: 48X
  • CD-R Read: 40X
  • CD-RW Write: 32X
  • CD-R Read: 32X
  • CD-ROM Read: N/A
  • CD-ROM Write: 48X
  • DVD-ROM Write: N/A
  • DVD-ROM Read: 16X
  • DVD+R Write: 22X
  • DVD+R Read: 16X
  • DVD-R Write: 22X
  • DVD-R Read: 16X
  • DVD+R Double Layer Write: 16X
  • DVD+R Double Layer Read: 12X
  • DVD-R Double Layer Write: 12X
  • DVD-R Double Layer Write Read: 12X
  • DVD+RW Write: 8X
  • DVD+RW Read: 12X
  • DVD-RW Write: 6X
  • DVD-RW Read: 12X
  • DVD-RAM Write: 12X
  • DVD-RAM Read: 12X

Performance ├żatures

  • Burst Transfer Rate
    • PIO Mode 4: 16.6MB/ps
    • DMA Mode 2: 16.6MB/ps
    • UDMA Mode 2: 33.3mb/ps
    • S-ATA: 150mb/ps
    • Average Access Time
      • CD-ROM: 110ms
      • DVD-ROM: 130ms


  • E-Co Product: RoHS: Yes
  • Automatic Ball Balancing System (A.B.S): Yes
  • Weight Balancing System (W.B.S): Yes
  • Firmware Live Update: Yes
  • Buffer Underrun Free Technology: Yes
  • Speed Adjustment Technology (S.A.T): Yes
  • Double O.P.C Technology: Yes
  • Tilt Actuator Compensation Technology (T.A.C): Yes

Product Weights & Dimensions

  • Dimension (W x H x D): 142 x 42 x 170mm
  • Weight: 1.2Kg