What is a virus?How are viruses created? What are the purposes of producing viruses? How you can be affected by these viruses? Why these new viruses are targeting industrial secrets? These are just some of the questions that are most often talked about especially when you are attacked by a virus.

About Virus and it’s attack

Viruses are the malfunction programs which can harm your computer operating system. It is dangerous for software as well as hardware. In both ways it makes your system slow or it may stops working. That’s why all the computer users are worried about this problem.

Who produce these dangerous virus programs? It is a big question that if they are so perilous for computers then who is the beneficiary? There are some corrupt people in computer industry who use their knowledge to produce and use these for their own sake.

As you are computer users so you are direct affected by these viruses and malwares? Mostly they penetrate into computer via net or by USB devices.

Why these new viruses are targeting industrial secrets?

Recently it is revealed that a new virus is designed by someone to attack computer systems operating in different industries. These viruses attack the industrial computers to make the functions mal and any accident can occur. This virus is designed to embezzle the industrial secrets. It is observed that this virus enters the system when an USB is plugged in. It does not infect the system by autorun virus but it infects in unusual way by vulnerability in processing link files.

How it works?

Two drivers are installed by this virus after penetrating into the system named as mrxnet.sys and mrxcls.sys. These drivers are used to inject codes into the system and hides the malware it self. That’s why the malware files on the infected USB device cannot be seen.

Siemens Industry spokesman Michael Krampe said, “The Company immediately assembled a team of experts to evaluate the situation. Siemens is taking all precautions to alert its customers to the potential risks of this virus.”

One of the surprising things is that this virus is signed with Realtek’s digital signature. It’s very confusing that how the authors of the virus became able to sign their virus with Realtek’s digital signature.

McGrew, founder of McGrew Security and a researcher at Mississippi State University said, “Whoever wrote the virus software may have been targeting a specific installation, If the authors had wanted to break into as many computers as possible, rather than a specific target, they would have tried to exploit more popular SCADA management systems such as Wonderware or RSLogix.”

Many of the antivirus software producers are working on this to break the code and to add more security elements in their programs to avoid this malware. Let’s hope for the best and good luck to the anti virus produces. As we are protected before using the antivirus software, in future also they will help us to maintain our systems secure. But you must have to take precautionary measures and avoid USB.