Apple and nearly three dozen other companies were slapped with a patent infringement lawsuit. The suit was filed in one of the friendliest courts for pursuing the patent infringement cases the U.S District Court for the Eastern District of Taxes in Marshall. The suit was pursued by the apparent patent troll InNova Patent Licensing. This action was taken over technology used, which is used to differentiate between the genuine and the unsolicited bulk email messages.

The InNova patent revolutionized the world of E-mail

The federal lawsuit is there to focus on the revolutionary InNova patent, U.S.Patent No.6,018,761. It covers all the areas that need to be checked. It has the technology that is capable of checking which messages are genuine and needed by the users and which ones are unsolicited bulk messages that are not needed by the users and are just a waste of time and a mess in their inbox. The founder of InNova was Mr. Robert Uomini. Mr. Robert Uomini was the great inventor and mathematician. He was awarded the InNova Patent nearly 15 years ago. This was the time when the email and the internet were going through some changes. Mr.Uomini did great job and was well known for this achievement.

The InNova patent is the foundation for all kind of email communications Patent-infringement attorney Christopher Banys, lead counsel for InNova said. It’s also noticed that the InNova’s invention has been used by other companies for years without any permission.

The email that we have today would not exactly in the same as we have today. It would not be that much developed without the InNova Patent. Most of the companies use the InNova patent as it is the most advanced technology to get rid of the spam email messages. The employees do not have that much time to sort out which messages are useless and which messages are of their use, so they find InNova patent to be the best solution for their problems. The defendants seem to be profiting from this invention. Most of the companies are really happy with InNova patent as it has saved their time and made things much easier for them.

Other companies in the Lawsuit

The other tech companies that are included in the lawsuit are Dell, HP, Google, IBM and Yahoo. The non tech companies include Dr. Pepper Snapple, JC Penney and Bank of America.

It’s not yet clears that how Apple and other defendants are slapped with a patent infringement lawsuit. The news has also not given any clear information about it. The patent have the description of the methods for storing “context information” that is associated with an email address that may include the person’s real name and the business affiliation in the database. It has the attribute that when a message come the recipients’ email applications is able to automatically approach the database; it also provides the identification information on the specified sender.