In an age of surveillance cameras, social networking websites and free public databases, maintaining privacy on the web has become a difficult task. Similarly, it is equally easy for others and also various websites to checkout and retrieve the entire list of websites that you visit during your browsing session. As a result, it gets extremely difficult to protect your online identity on the web, especially while using Internet Explorer and InPrivate browsing filters. The combination of these two features will help you to protect your surfing data from everyone else.

In the recent times, several new systems have been designed that help in hiding your surfing history. However, until now, there were only systems that allowed you to clear your entire history and not specific websites. Hence, Internet Explorer offers you the chance to manually delete certain websites from your history and thus leave behind a trail of your recent history.

Manually clearing your History

While manually clearing off your recent history on Internet Explorer 8, it is possible to keep back cookies, temporary files and also other interesting files. This will also help you to store your website preferences. However, to clear the unwanted history without disturbing the settings for your favorites, follow the given steps:

  1. In the Internet Explorer browser, Click Safety Button. Click on to the Delete Browsing History option.
  2. Within the Delete Browsing History dialog, click onto the Preserve Favorite website checkbox.
  3. Here, click the given check boxes for all the websites that you wish to delete. Finally, click on Delete.

Internet Explorer 8 has certain internal settings that help you to save all your settings while you delete all your unwanted history.

Browsing websites with InPrivate without a leaving behind any trail

Manually clearing all your history is usually much more preferable by people as it allows you to recheck all your favorite websites again. Although with Internet Explorer 8 and InPrivate, you have the option to browse any webpage without even leaving the slightest trail behind. In order to use InPrivate Browsing on your Internet Explorer, follow the given steps:

  • Open a new Tab, and Click on Open an InPrivate Browsing window.
  • Now Click on the Safety Button. And Click on InPrivate Browsing.
  • Finally click on Ctrl+Shift+P

After these settings are made, when you start the Inprivate Browsing system, it will open a new window on your screen. Hence, as you browse through, the Internet Explorer 8 removes all the cookies or the temporary files from the history of the computer, thus leaving no trail about the websites you visited or the various files you downloaded from the web for your use. Just as you close this InPrivate Browsing window, all the unwanted files and history will get deleted. As a result, you should take some extra time to slowly close the InPrivate Browsing window.

The InPrivate system usually needs to save certain data for the easy working of the various websites for the next time you browse them. As a result, when you are making certain changes in one of the websites you are browsing, the InPrivate system remembers the alteration made, but deletes it when you shut down the window.