If you love wild animals and you have an iPhone, then you will be able to have their live shots right on your phone. The Zoological Society of London has come up with an Instant Wild App. You can download Instant Wild app for FREE from Apple Store and receive photos of wild animals taken through cameras placed at different wild areas of the world.

Camera traps are set up in wilderness of different areas of the world by EDGE, including Sri Lanka, UK, Mongolia and Kenya. These are unmanned still cameras which snap images whenever their motion sensors detect movement. Team members then sort through these images in order to find out what animals are present in the area, and in what numbers. This usually takes a huge amount of time from the team members.

Instant Wild application is a part of EDGE program from ZSL. EDGE stands for Evolutionarily Distinct and Globally Endangered species. The program aims at raising awareness around the world about unique and endangered species, so that conservation strategies can be developed for them. Instant Wild app is a useful step which allows users to help ZSL save those species. This awe-inspiring app will let you to:

Notice the most recent images directly from the field.

Receive instant alert as soon as a new image is captured.

Zoom-in on the details of the image so that you can easily identify the species directly from the image.

Directly upload the rare and appealing images on Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Maintain a proper list of all the images you liked.

Get comprehensive feedback on an image you liked.

“It’s amazing for people to just be sitting in their office or walking in the street and have these images pop up,” said Jonathan Baillie, conservation program director at EDGE of Existence, a ZSL program. “I find myself in board rooms and conferences and hotels a lot, and I’d rather be in the field,” he further added.

Once you receive a new photo through Instant Wild on your iPhone, you are invited to identify the creature. For this, you are provided a digital field guide of the region, with which you can cross-reference the photo. In this way, the task of ZSL team members is simplified and they are allowed to do more field work in the region. If the clicked image is that of an endangered species, ZSL can work towards developing a conservation strategy in that area. As compared to playing games and listening to music, this Apple app aims at making your iPhone more productive, as it allows you to contribute to the conservation of nature.

If you are one of those individuals who like to capture some unusual shots, you can find and capture African wild dogs and leopards in Sri Lanka, Przewalski’s horses in Mongolia and black rhinoceros in Kenya. Also, the steady parade of animals will simply mesmerize you and is worth capturing. “We hope to have many more cameras,” said Baillie.