With the ATI merger, AMD was planning to create a processor that combines the central processing unit with the graphics processing unit. The result is the AMD Fusion, a processor which integrates the CPU and GPU that paves the way for computers to do away with graphics cards and graphics processing units.

New AMD Processor

Code named Fusion, AMD set off in 2006 to develop this microprocessor that is able to perform the functions of a central processing unit as well as of a graphics processing unit.  They are successfully going ahead with the project and now say that the processer will be out in the latter part of 2011. It is going to save the computer manufacturers the expense of having to create a separate chip for graphics processing as fusion will be able to do the job of both, the central processing unit and the graphic processing unit.

The Present Situation

At present most computers, especially notebooks use Intel’s core series processors. When computer users try to run graphic intensive programs or games, they face problems, and to overcome them they need solutions such as:

  • They will be compelled to buy an integrated graphic processor from Intel.
  • An alternative is to buy a discrete graphics processors such as Nvidia. In case you buy an integrated graphic processor, your computer is going to slow down making it difficult for you to run the programs.
  • You can buy a discrete graphics processor but it will incur you an additional cost.

Competition from AMD

At present Intel is the market leader for central processing units. Their CPUs are preferred by many people over the AMD CPUs.  One of the Weaknesses of Intel is that they don’t offer a good graphic processing unit. On the other hand, Nvidia is the most popular graphics processor but they do not have a central processing unit of their own. This creates a void that needs to be filled with a chip that is capable of handling the jobs of both the central processing unit and the graphic processing unit.

This is where AMD is going to step in with a chip that could do both jobs efficiently. On top of all the other advantages is the ability to do both jobs with just one processor. Once this technology is available half way through next year, laptop manufacturers are in for an easy cost saving solution. In addition to the cost saving they will be able to prevent their machines getting slower due to having a separate processor for graphics.

AMD’s Radeon graphic cards are already making their presence felt as good graphics cards, posing some sort of competition to Nvidia as they are able to provide good graphics in computers. This is a sign for the computer user to guess what is on the cards when AMD’s Fusion processor arrives in the market in mid 2011. It has now become almost a need, with every laptop user inclined to play games on their laptops.