The ongoing war due to the speed of the processor   between the 2 big names INTEL (CPU Manufacturer) and NVIDIA ( the GPU Maker) got some air conditioning when the engineers belonging to the company released a paper regarding the argument  of GPU. It said that the fast working feature of the GPU has been highlighted to greater extent than it should have been. NVIDIA stated that the parts and certain things used by the INTEL   are outdated and the company has not been open regarding the codes that it has been using. On the other hand INTEL says that the chips and other things used were the latest and the best of all other options available to them .The war between both the companies is still on.

Reason for Fight

The Fight seems to have started due to the paper that the engineers released at the International Symposium on Computer system Architecture in France last week.The title of the paper itself disclosed the mystery that was going on behind the scene.They spot light was mainly over the speeds of the central processing unit and the graphics processing unit. It said that the central processing unit or CPU is 2.5 times to 13.9 times slower than graphic processing unit or GPU.

From there on it all started and then the Managers of both the companies started blog posts .The NVIDIA  manager posted the content about the equipments used by the INTEL and the things about the code used by the INTEL for manufacturing.

The INTEL paper stated that the graphic processing units are not that fast as the NVIDIA was claiming it to be .But in last few years as reported by the different surveys that the speed of central processing units  or CPU are around ten to thousand times slower than the graphics processing unit or GPU.


The performance survey indicated some unexpected results. After conducting different experiments and testing on the  CPU and GPU engineers found that they differ only around 2-2.4  times in their performances.

But the manager of NVIDIA claimed that still the fastest available graphic processing unit was not used for testing by the engineers whereas some other media people justified that comparison were made with the latest available chips.

The date for paper submission was November 2009. By that time both the companies had launched their latest products. The code and products used during the testing is not known to the people other than who carried out the whole procedure as both the companies tried to maintain privacy , secrecy and security to the best possible level.

The Conclusion seems like both CPU and GPU are looking for new sources for driving their products. The official of both the Companies are taking this more as CPU v/s GPU debate without thinking about the purpose and use of products.