Intel’s Director, Bill Kircoss is having a tough time with the GPU’s manufactured by Intel. He states in one of his blog posts that one needs to give more emphasis in the making of graphics drivers and there can be a better definition to determine what graphics are. Many Intel GPU applications are related to the streaming of High Definition Videos and most of the users restrict themselves from using the features like Direct Compute, Open CL and the DirectX 11.

Intel has given a code name for the GPU products as Larrabee and Kircoss thinks that the product is still dead at the moment. His post also makes it clear that the chip makers is now realizing that the graphics drivers should be effective for common users. Even today, v less amount of Larrabee prototypes are being shipped across the world and Intel is planning to commercialize the sales. The project was a failure due to the missed milestones and hence there are no discrete Intel products that are being introduced in the market as posted in the blog of Kircoss.

Intel’s integrated graphics products have been a burden on mobile graphics for several years and now that Intel products are coming up with the manufacturing of processors, they cannot miss out on quality of graphic drivers. It has been known that Intel products for mobile graphics are useful only for the High Definition streaming and would not be ideal in the making of any business. It is surprising to see that such a big company that has brought revolution to the working of CPU’s cannot contribute to the mobile devices.

In the next week a press conference will held in Germany. In this conference, Kircoss states that Intel will reveal more information about the product Larrabee for its high performance projects. Intel has stated a new high performance computing project for the use of Larrabee and this is one of the Intel’s Tera scale programs. Kircoss writes in his blog post that the expansion of the server product line would favor the highly parallel workloads. He also states that Intel’s price of the product depending on the features can be a deciding factor in attracting more users for the product.

The process of “physicalization” means that the low powered mobile chips and very cheap cluster of nodes are used to build high density compute nodes. A cheaper hardware and better integrated board levels can be used in combination to get the most of high density designs. It would cost the same as buying an expensive high performing processor to start the design from scratch. This is definitely a cheaper solution for effective development of the computing projects. A single node which contains 16-core Intel processor chips would be able to be better than the quad processor Cortex A9. But still there can be a possibility that the Intel can decrease the sales of the products by making it more expensive and less affordable for common users.