It focuses on defining the all new user experiences and platforms for new computing. As always the innovations coming out of the Intel labs are expected to help in re-imagining the experience of computing for us in future.

It is already being seen or regarded as the biggest change in the computing industry. The Intel staff has been building up its capabilities in the field of user experience and the areas of interaction of both the scientists and the user interface technologists in order to create the next generation of user experience. According to Intel, personal computers will become more personal and social through the contexts of the individual user which are informed by seniors, augmented by cloud intelligence and driven more and more by the natural interfaces like voice, touch and gesture.

Current work of the Intel labs around context and location has yielded a wide range of technological possibilities and insights. For example, the idea that the devices will be understanding their surroundings and will be able to communicate with each other and also change the behavior along with taking actions based on the environment of the user. One of the projects that are on display at the event represents a completely new and most fascinating wave of social networking which will provide the ability to monitor various activities and then display the same activities live and directly network them to friends and family. The research shows that how context awareness from the sensors which are onboard a particular device can translate or change into a completely new user experiences that are build on completely newer trends in sharing of presence and media. The researchers had also demonstrated a low-cost and an experimental energy sensor which could help in changing the way in which consumers manage their personal energy consumption at home. When this was coupled with an information display of home, it will monitor usage and also give solutions for more efficiency and rewarding success. Now the sensor only needs to be plugged into the house wiring tin order to measure and wirelessly report the power consumption of each electrical load or electrical device in the house. This can be done by providing specific data for analyzing the energy usage of the various devices and appliances throughout the house. This technology also forms the heart of a personal energy management system that could lead to valuable and considerable changes in the behavior and save all the staggering amounts of energy consumptions going on in the house.

Another technology shown at the same event which will change a user’s engagement with technology. It was to use projection and stereo-3D cameras for lighting up nearby surfaces that display buttons, windows, images etc. onto work surfaces, tabletops etc. This system is able to recognize hand gestures turning everyday surfaces into an interactive portal device and the Internet. Intel is now touching more things in people’s daily lives than just the computers.