Intel continuously develops technologies, products and takes initiatives in making their products work for customers from home non-technical users to very high advanced professional computer users.  The company is now collaborating with Matrox Graphics Inc, a Montreal, Canada based manufacturer of specialized graphics solutions, to use their Matrox DualHead2Go and TripleHead2GO Graphics expansion Modules (GXMs) in Intel HD Graphics and Intel 4 Series Express Chipset when packed with Intel Graphics Media Accelerator to achieve higher resolution compatibility.

Matrox DualHead 2Go and TripleHead2Go

The resolutions in DualHead2GO and TripleHead2Go graphics modules have been increased to support from 2x1280x1024 to 2x1920x1080 and 3x800x600 to 3x1280x1024 (primarily to support standard monitor screens)/ 3x1360x768 (for wider screens), respectively. It is the first time Matrox Graphics Inc is collaborating with Intel; the former has been using graphic solutions with several other manufacturers. With the new collaboration Intel benefits from using their graphics modules for their mobile and desktop graphic users; the DualHead2Go and TripleHead2GO digital or DisplayPort Editions will allow customers benefit from the capability of having multi-display high resolution on their Intel supported products.

Intel HD Graphics

Now watching HD movies, palying 3D games or even the possibility of having a video conference call gets even better when Intel collaborates with Matrix Graphics Inc. Millions of Intel’s PC users including common customers benefit from higher resolutions on their standard and widescreen monitors running on Intel 4 series Chipset with graphics and new Core 2010 processors with Intel HD Graphics built in. Regardless of whether you are a Intel user on enterprise wide triple monitor desktop or a laptop user with dual monitor workstation like performance, the new Matrox GMX enabled displays will help deliver unparalleled stability and resolution support that as an Intel user you have ever seen or experienced before.

Single to multiple displays

Steve Santamaria, director of Visual Computing Developer Relations from Intel Corporation and Ton Bert, Business Development Manager from Matrox Graphics Graphic Inc, said they are looking forward for how this new collaboration can change the way their individual customers and new combined users are going to benefit, they said in a statement issued on 15th July 2010.  The new Matroc GMX modules with multi-display can easily be upgraded and set up for laptops, desktops and / or workstations. Both the graphic modules DualHead2Go and TripleHead2Go work without any interruption with your existing graphic processing unit using two or three displays; which can clearly be an up for people who wanted to change from the regular limited single display on integrated graphics and systems with no expansion slots.

The collaboration between Matrox Graphics Inc, who is a sorted after graphics solutions manufacturer specializing in professional market, and Intel Corporation the world leader in silicon innovation; will get the Professional market graphics leader to reach regular customers with Intel chips, who can also benefit improved resolution and multi-display capabilities; which would have not been possible otherwise soon enough.