Intel’s new product for mobile platforms, the Huron River processor, will become more autonomous in 2011. Unfortunately, one of the concerns among different clients is that the new Intel Huron River processor will not incorporate the USB 3.0. This issue surrounding the Huron River can be better understood with some knowledge of the Intel Calpella, due to be replaced in 2011. In addition, Intel plans to introduce an entirely new and fascinating concept of mobile platforms in the future.

More efficiency means less power

The Huron River has a built in processor, (Cougar Point Sandy Bridge) chipset also included. According to Intel, the Huron River consumes less energy compared to Calpella, and they both consume considerably less power compared to other processors, as the microprocessors are quite small. The Dual and Quad-Core Sandy Intel processors are far more efficient than the Clarksfield or the Arrandale.

Better response, better performance

Another feature is its integrated graphics driver, called the Iron Lake, which is already present in it. Amazingly, the Sandy Bridge CPU will be much smaller by an etching of about a 32nm processor. With hard drives built into the standard configurations of the Huron River, system responsiveness will be improved, and we can be assured that these chipsets will be well able to support the Cougar Point SATA 3.0 (6 GB/s)

The unfortunate downside

We will just have to wait until 2012 to see if Intel launches a new mobile-based Intel processor that has a USB 3.0 support in it. The Huron River platform will replace Calpella (the current crop of mobile chipsets), and continue Intel’s fine work with WiMAX and Wi-Fi integration, in addition to the new Intel Bluetooth connectivity, and that crowd-favored Intel wireless display. The new Sandy Bridge 32nm processor will power the platform, a follow-up to Nehalem’s Core i series of chips. We should be seeing this in Q1 2011, which will probably be only minutes after Apple, has finally made up its decision to offer an upgrade to core i7.

Still something to consider

With many astonishing features and functions combined, the new Intel Huron River will be more energy efficient than the Intel Capella and other processors. Although many people still prefer support under USB 2.0, with at least a single USB 3.0, some products will support 12-14 USB 2.0. However, these products do not include the USB 3.0 support, as does the Mobile Express chipset Series 6 Cougar Point.

The processor is said to be readily made to fully support Blu-ray 3D. This is as a result of all the upgrades that the platform has in comparison to the current processors in the market, such as the Intel Core Series processors. Manufacturers will have to make 120Hz laptop screens in order to make this feature useful. When this is realized, consumers will truly be able to benefit from this advanced release.