Intel is noted for its various microprocessor manufacturing. Ranging from home PCs to business desktops, Intel’s microprocessors are hailing everywhere. Intel and IBM’s business as well as technical association is one of a noted one. Later in 2006, it achieved another momentum by joining hands with Apple. Dell and Hawlett-Packard are the biggest customers of Intel.

As of now, it has only one archrival that can give a niche to this company, AMD. But, as mentioned Intel always has a edge over it. Latest news buzzing the circuit, Intel has prepared the fastest mobile CPU ever under the brand of Extreme Edition. It comes in the form of a netbook chip. Intel’s previous fastest core was i7 920XM, comes clocked at 2.0GHz at stock and 3.2GHz with turbo boost.

How Fast Can It Get?

Intel’s newest kid on the block is the i7 940XM.This is currently the company’s flagship laptop chip. Its main features are detailed as follows:

  • It is a quad core Mobile Extreme editor processor
  • It has a clock speed ranging from 2.13GHz to3.33GHz with turbo boost capability
  • It is compact with 8MB of cache and carry a TDP rating of 55W
  • It works with eight processing thread CPU
  • It supports DDR3- 1333 memory

Costing is yet to be done, but like sources claim that the price will be in the range of $1,050. Well, that certainly means one can expect a good cut down in the price of the previous 920XM.

Who Is Intel Targeting With This Release?

However, there was news abuzz that the company is launching its first six-core processor. As of now Intel insiders claim quad core i7 940 to be the thing of the next generation. One can expect a lot from the processor in terms of speed and efficiency. It is highly likely to provide a stronger battery back up. It is very well suited for multi-tasking and handling miscellaneous tasks. Its performance is doubled with magnified graphic options. This is certainly good news for the tech-savvies. In addition, gamers too can now enjoy the benefit of the fastest laptop.

Currently, there is no other news of any six-core processor. However, i7 940 seems to be quite promising in terms of speed and efficiency, and before one has to wait for the six core processor, this seems equally good a treat for the techies.

Intel Vs AMD

Intel is pinning high hopes on it latest creation, unfortunately it is not the only one sharing the glories in the horizon. It arch rival AMD is launching the same product with equal speed and efficiency. AMD’s processor comes with two new varieties of processors. Though both its processors are not able to match up to the 3.3GHz clock speed range of Intel yet, however, they not lagging too far behind from it either with the higher one having speed of 3.2GHZ.

Hence, Intel needs to intensify on its products, because pricing can again come into play in a big way with AMD claiming to offer a better consumer price. Among the race between these two giants consumers always have the best option to get the latest in terms of technology.